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Attendees will gain an introductory understanding of HCD and some basic HCD methods/activities that can be applied to their role at CCSQ.

Class Date and Time:

October 18-19, 2022; 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. EST on both days

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Mark your calendars for Thursday, September 29 at 1:00 pm ET for CCSQ HCD Community of Practice: Measuring Customer Satisfaction: Case Studies from Hospital Quality Reporting Program (HQR) & Quality Payment Program (QPP). Join us to learn about aspects of customer satisfaction research at CCSQ, such as: 

  • Securing PRA coverage,
  • Survey tools used on these projects,
  • Writing customer satisfaction survey questions,
  • Leveraging site intercept survey technology, and
  • How the HCD Center of Excellence can support your team’s customer satisfaction research.

Find Zoom info and other details on the HCD CoE space:

We are constantly collaborating with teammates and creating content for other users to consume in Confluence and Jira — attaching a screenshot and tagging a team member to review a Jira issue; creating an informational page in Confluence with applicable videos and images included; etc. While we may be thinking about how to make this content more interesting and exciting, we don't always consider how accessible it is.

According to the CDC, one in four adults in the United States has a disability. Users with varying degrees of visual, cognitive, auditory, speech, and motor disabilities will have vastly different experiences with the same content. We should strive to make our content just as accessible to users with disabilities as it is to those without disabilities.
Keep reading for a few ways to increase accessibility in QualityNet Confluence and Jira. 

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