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The CCSQ Human-Centered Design Community of Practice (HCD CoP) exists so that practitioners and those passionate about design can learn, share, and apply HCD knowledge

These monthly information sessions involve participation by UX designers and researchers, engineers, product managers, and anyone passionate about human-centered design. During these online sessions speakers share their experiences and insights with the community to support continued learning around important HCD topics. Recent programs have included: Championing the Value of HCD in Government, Engaging with Ethics to Make Trustworthy Experiences, Customer Experience: A Fireside Chat, and World Usability Day 2021 - Design of Our Online World.

Our guiding principles for the community are to:

  • Elevate HCD literacy and understanding
  • Bring creativity to problem solving and ideation
  • Talk about challenges and unsolved problems

We encourage everyone to participate in the community so that we can continue to grow the application of HCD across ISG. 

If you’re interested in sharing your work and insights at an upcoming community of practice, please tell us more about it here.

Upcoming Meetings


Look for more information soon. 


Past Meeting Notes

November, 8: 2022: Session Materials 

World Usability Day

Our Health 

October 27, 2022: Session Materials A Coffee Conversation: Addressing Disability with Healthcare Disparities and Equity
September 29, 2022: Session Materials Measuring Customer Satisfaction: Case Studies from Hospital Quality Reporting Program (HQR) and Quality Payment Program (QPP)
August 25, 2022: Session Materials Calm Technology 
July 28, 2022: Session MaterialsWEB3.0 Is It Over?
June 30, 2022: Session Materials CMS DESIGN SYSTEM: PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE 
May 26, 2022: Session Materials HCD as a Verb and Behavior
April 28, 2022: Session MaterialsBrainstorming: How to Create More Ideas and Better Ideas
March 31, 2022: Session MaterialsChampioning the Value of HCD in Government
February 23, 2022: Session MaterialsCustomer Experience: A Fireside Chat with Stephanie Thum, CCXP
January 28, 2022: Session MaterialsEngaging with Ethics to Make Trustworthy Experiences
December 17, 2021: Session MaterialsUsing Ethnography to Make APIs Usable
November 10, 2021: Session Materials

World Usability Day

Design of Our Online World: Trust, Ethics, and Integrity

October 29, 2021: Session MaterialsCreative Facilitation: Increase Collaboration, Productivity, and Innovation
September 24, 2021: Session MaterialsTouchpoints: Making Customer Feedback Easier
August 27, 2021: Session MaterialsDriving Creativity and Improving Customer Experience with Empathy - A Panel Discussion
July 30, 2021: Session MaterialsStruggles and Successes on Our Way to Operationalizing HCD Research - A Case Study from QPP 
June 25, 2021: Session MaterialsService Design for Hospital Quality Reporting (HQR): Service Blueprint and Journey Maps
May 28, 2021: Session MaterialsLeveraging Human-Centered Techniques in Root Cause Analysis: Tracing Cause Without Blame
April 30, 2021: Session MaterialsBehind the Glass: Interview Techniques for Non-Researchers
March 26, 2021: Overview, Resources, RecordingWhat Three Heuristic Evaluations Taught Us About Iteration
February 26, 2021: Overview, RecordingThe Content Audit: Agony and Ecstasy
January 29, 2021: Overview, RecordingIncorporate Web Analytics into Your Design Practice
December 18, 2020: Overview, RecordingHCD and COVID-19: A Panel Discussion.
November 12, 2020: Event Site, Session Recordings, DecksWorld Usability Day - Human Centered AI
October 30, 2020: Overview, Deck, RecordingResearchers Don't Let Friends Use Unreliable Task Ratings
September 25, 2020: Overview, Deck, RecordingWorking at the Intersection of Graphic Design and HCD
August 28, 2020: Overview, Deck, ResourcesValidating and Improving Navigation with Tree Testing

August 14, 2020

Designing World Usability Day

July 2020 Community of Practice: Video, Deck, and ResourcesDesigning for Accessibility
June 2020 Community of Practice: Overview, Video, and ResourcesImprove Customer Experience with Content Strategy
May 2020 Program Overview, Video, and ResourcesBrainstorm Better: Improving a Critical Skill
April 2020 Meeting Overview and DeckQuantifying Behavior and Impact Along the Customer Journey
March 2020 Meeting Overview and VideoUncover Problems and Discover Opportunities with Usability Testing

February 2020 Meeting Overview and Video

Lean UX Approaches for Agile Environments
January 2020 Meeting Overview and Video

Using Personas for Effective Decision-Making: A Panel Discussion

December 2019 Meeting Overview and DeckDesign Systems: A Panel Discussion
November 2019 World Usability DayDesigning for the Future We Want
June 2019 Meeting MinutesBest practices to capture human interest in the UI
May 2019 Meeting MinutesPersona-driven backlog prioritization
April 2019 Meeting MinutesDiscussion: Recruiting research participants
March 2019 Meeting MinutesBuilding a Roadmap using Atlassian
February 2019 Meeting MinutesSection 508
January 2019 Meeting MinutesLean Coffee
December 2018 Meeting Minutes2018 UX teams Retro
November 2018 Meeting MinutesIntegrating UX into Agile
October 2018 Meeting MinutesPaperwork Reduction Act and its Impact on User Research
September 2018 Meeting MinutesCMS Design System
August 2018 Meeting MinutesDesign Studio
July 2018 Meeting MinutesLean Coffee
June 2018 Meeting MinutesGeneral Discussion
May 2018 Meeting MinutesGeneral Discussion

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