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To empower CCSQ stakeholders to innovate by providing customer-first and design thinking strategies and solutions.

What is HCD

HCD is not just about a user interface (it's about the experience, which can encompass many digital and non-digital touch points) ...


We serve CCSQ by demonstrating how design thinking leads to better products and services for its customers.


Gain an understanding of the Human-Centered Design process through hands on training or browse the Microlearning videos section.

HCD Community of Practice (CoP)

For persons interested in topics related to human-centered research and design to share success stories, help one another, and learn from each other. 

Share your Ideas

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The HCD CoE is an organization that impacts the way the Center for Clinical Standards and Quality (CCSQ) delivers policy, products and services to its customers.  Through the provision of education, support and resources, we will promote the continued implementation and usage of HCD best practices and seek to fulfill the charge of OMB Circular A-11 Section 280 (i.e., “Managing Customer Experience and Service Delivery”).

Does your team regularly involve your customers? Do you want to learn more about how to integrate design thinking as a continuous improvement practice on your team?

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What is HCD and Why Do We Use It?

Human-Centered Design (HCD) at CMS is the process CCSQ IT Product and Support Teams (CIPST) uses to understand the people for whom we are writing policies and creating programs and services. At the center of our HCD process is participatory design, where we work directly with clinicians, beneficiaries, third-party vendors, federal partners, and CMS employees to collaboratively understand the context of their work and engagement with CMS, as well as the solutions we are creating to support them. 

While ISG has typically focused on satisfying the functional requirements, the HCD process explicitly focuses on understanding people and the context in which they interact with CMS services. The HCD Process at CMS consists of the following six steps: initiation; immersion in research to understand people using CMS services; synthesis of data and insights; ideation of possible solutions; prototyping new services and testing them; and implementation.

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