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May 26, 2022


Amanda Huston
Amy Lu
Amy Pointer
Andrew Harnish
Angela Fitzgerald
Anita Bhatia
Ann Marie Stetekluh
Arden Klemmer
Becky Edwards 
William Sommers 
Brian Do 
Brian Flaherty 
Brittany Kidd
Carol Eastburg
Carol Kramme
Caroline B
Chelsea Hunt 
Christopher Brown 
Chris Oliver 
Christina Collins 
Clary Pollack
David Sphar 
Donald Celli 
Erica Scott
Forrest Baer 
Fred Miller 
George George
Gizem Serifoglu
Gray Ficker
Hope Chung
Hyorim Park 
Jack Hoffman 
James May 
Jana Linthicum 
Jane Park
Janet Danforth 
Jennifer Hinton
Jennifer Morrow 
Jenny Newlon
Jessica Cherniawsky 
James Rogers 
Joellen Callahan 
John Hathaway 
John McGinnis 
Josh Schneider
Julia Kim
Julie Pedtke
Kara Kemahli
Karen Reiner 
Kari Pedersen
Kimberly Friedman
Kimberly Shorter
Kristin O. Muskat 
Krithi Murthy 
Larry Jones
Lisa Hesseltine 
Lovemore Chirombo
Luiza C. Bross
Lynn Hamberger
Mel Woodard
Melissa Firestone
Ni Chia
Nichole Nicholas
Nicole Pham
Patrick Wolfert
Rachel Lorencz
Remy DeCausemaker
Robert Hunziker
Rosemary Rogers
Ruben Sun
Sarah Sachs
Scott Rynes
Scott Weber
Tanya Netayavichitr
Tatum Walker
Thuong Nguyen
Tina Crotty
Tony Dinoff
Vera Livshin




This month’s Community of Practice dove into the CMS Design System. We discussed how the design system has evolved to meet the needs of CMS, the design system as of three years ago and the updates made; along with challenges up to today and plans for the future. Scott’s presentation was a companion piece to his article in the most recent edition of the embedded Newsletter, Maturing the CMS Design System.     

Scott presented: 

  • What a design system is
  • Why a design system is important
  • How to get involved with the design system
  • And more!

Since 2004, Scott Weber has focused on improving online experiences for US citizens through the lens of design systems, front-end user experience, web standards, and accessibility.

Currently, he works for Ad Hoc as a Managing Senior UX Designer 2 : Front-end Specialist and serves as the design lead for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services design system. He has worked with various federal, state, and local governments. In addition to CMS his work includes, National Science Foundation (NSF), the Thrift Savings Program (TSP), and He is an alum of both 18F and NIC Inc. and brings a passion for web standards, human-centered design, and research.


What's Next

  • HCD Community of Practice on Thursday, July 28 at 1 PM ET presented by Stephanie Warren. 
  • Please tell us about your experience with the HCD Community of Practice by completing a brief survey.
  • Registration is now open for the course: Human-Centered Design 101.

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