Blog from May, 2022

Tantus is following CDC and local guidelines for health safety in the Tantus Collaboration Facility (TCF). The current level for Baltimore County is now: High. As a result of this risk change, this means that any visitors who visit the facility will need to follow the associated prevention guideline listed below before entering the TCF.

Required Prevention Steps before entering building:

Before visiting the TCF please visit the TCF Confluence Space for additional Safety Protocols and other information or click one of the buttons below.  For assistance or if you have question contact us on our QualityNet Slack channel: #help-tcf

Attendees will gain an understanding of how to uncover usability issues using common site analytics tools to improve customer satisfaction.

Class Date and Time:

June 21, 2022; 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. EST

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The TCF is OPEN!

Welcome back to the Tantus Collaboration Facility (TCF), which is now open to meet your in-person collaboration needs. 

What is the TCF?
The Tantus Collaboration Facility is a shared workspace for the CCSQ community to foster increased productivity and efficiency through cross-team collaboration. Located immediately outside CMS Headquarters' North Gate, it offers community spaces, team rooms, conference rooms, and amenities to encourage open and immediate communication, team-building, idea-swapping, and problem-solving. The TCF is a workspace that allows team members to come together at open café-tables, sketch out their ideas on our whiteboard walls, use team rooms equipped with audio/visual equipment to connect with remote team members, and collaborate across team silos.

Note, Tantus is following CDC and local guidelines for health safety in the TCF. Before visiting, please visit the TCF Confluence space for Safety Protocols

Where is it?
The TCF is located at our Woodlawn office: 2270 Rolling Run Drive, Suite 100, Windsor Mill, MD 21244

Who can use it?
The TCF is open to anyone in the CCSQ community. 

Want to learn more and/or reserve a room? Visit the TCF Confluence space today!

Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 26 at 1:00 pm ET for CCSQ HCD Community of Practice: HCD as a Verb and Behavior. The session will address how a defined and accessible HCD system:

  • Delineates given and successful mindsets, personalities, and rational thinking;
  • and the tools necessary to propel value-driven HCD.

Find Zoom info and other details on the HCD CoE space:

Attendees will learn about a survey life cycle, general guidelines, best practices in survey design, and how to avoid common problems while gaining insights into this popular research method. 

Class Date and Time:

June 8, 2022; 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. EST

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