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The HCD Center of Excellence is a team of dedicated individuals managed from a common central point, separate from the functional areas that it supports within a practice or organization. Because our community is made up of CCSQ employees and contractors, it is critical to have resources available to the community to aid with education and onboarding, ultimately to increase productivity.

The following resources are made available to educate, inform, and set up community stakeholders for success.


HCD is a creative approach to problem solving via a repeatable process. Think of these methods as a guide for your HCD journey, ensuring you are putting people first when solving difficult business problems.

Enterprise Personas

A Persona is a fictitious chcing a segment of real-world people impacted by your product, service or policy. It is based on information gathered via research, both qualitative and quantitative. A persona relays an individual’s needs and goals, defining the crux of who they are. The HCD CoE offers QualityNet (QNet) enterprise personas for teams to leverage so they can make informed decisions that impact their target customers. 

Recommended Reading

What is the HCD CoE team reading? Get more information about the following resources:

  • Books
  • Articles
  • Podcasts


View short videos to learn about the methods used at each phase of the Human-Centered Design process as well as an introduction to design thinking.

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