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What is Change Management?

Change Management is the guiding process for how we prepare, equip and support our customers and employees throughout the phases of an implemented change. It provides an organized method for people to successfully move from their current ideology or methodology to their future ones as you have defined them.

Why use Change Management?

“Everyone likes progress. Nobody likes change”. At the center of the concept of change management are people. In general, people are resistant to change. However change is often necessary in order to improve products, services or experiences. In order to help people understand, adjust to and adopt change, the process needs to be managed, broken down into acceptable stages. This will enable customers and employees to successfully adapt the changes and fully benefit from them. This ensures that the transition is smooth and the results thorough and long-lasting.  

How Do We Implement Change Management?

No matter what approach, resources or guides you use, change management will always involve the following elements:

  1. Make sure those affected understand what will be changed and how they will benefit.
  2. Create a detailed plan of what will be changed, when and how these changes will be implemented.
  3. Make the changes
  4. Constantly communicate with everyone what has been changed, what is being changed and what will be changed. Communication is KEY!
  5. Review the process: Celebrate successes. Revise and improve areas as needed.


The New Change Management

Illustrations animated from Dick Axelrod's new book - Terms of Engagement.
Chapter 2: The New Change Management

Joe Lafferty | 9/19/2010