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What is a Feedback Loop?

Feedback is the breakfast of champions”. In the feedback loop, the customer response effects the product modifications, which effects the customer experience, which effects the customer response and so on. The Feedback Loop is a method that allows you to constantly improve your product or service based on the user’s interaction and resulting feedback.

Why Use a Feedback Loop?

“There is no failure, only feedback”. Feedback gives a sense of inclusion and value to your customers and as a result constructs a foundation for authentic customer engagement. This allows you to not only improve and address customer pain points, but also discover opportunities for excellence in the customer experience.  

How to Implement a Feedback Loop?

There are three stages of the feedback loop: Ask Analyze and Apply.

  • Ask: Ask the customer for their opinions. This can be accomplished with surveys, chats, and feedback forms
  • Analyze: Analyze the feedback you’ve received and develop solutions on how to better the experience.
  • Apply: Apply the knowledge you’ve gained and the solutions you’ve developed to the product or service
  • Now: START AGAIN!... Ask the customer what they think.

feedback loop by Davo Sime from the Noun Project