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What is CCSQ LACE?

Since 2017, the Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) has worked closely with CCSQ to guide, support, and foster the adoption of Agile, Scrum, Lean, and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) practices.

Our certified SAFe program consultants have provided hands-on program and team level support and training to over 2000 attendees 700 individual members of the CCSQ community to foster growth of committed Agile practitioners who value transparency and continuous improvement.

How Can LACE Support You?

Program and Product Delivery Acceleration

No matter where your team or program is in it's Agile Journey, the principle of continuous improvement applies. Having a recurring issue with delivery? Scope changes? A team or program level ceremony? Need help with requirements? Contact the LACE to see how we can support your programs delivery, from targeted issue triage to holistic and comprehensive program support.

Enterprise Maturity and Performance

Measuring a successful Agile Transformation is more than just a maturity model. In CCSQ, multiple programs, products and divisions require a holistic approach to observing and maturing the enterprise. Through the integration of operations, quality, and customer satisfaction metrics, the LACE is working hard to provide the enterprise with line-of-sight access to areas of excellence and improvement opportunities. Through community events, education, onboarding, development of enterprise standards, the LACE elevates practice, behavior, and alignment across the enterprise.

Continuous Learning and Innovation Support

Professional continuous learning is now a survival skill. Technology is predicted to replace 25 percent of U.S. jobs, replacing routine tasks in nearly every field, sector, and discipline, including technology fields. While continuous learning is part of our everyday lives, adult learning and continuous improvement are necessary skill to stay relevant it the modern digital workplace and is required for success and career growth.

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