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Twenty-two years of agile software development has proven that organizational learning and a culture of continuous improvement has shown that beyond the initial stages of transition to agile, benefits and gains will still be realized as long as individual and organizational learning thrive. Scaled Agile's House of Lean and the Agile Manifesto both espouse that a growth mindset is the key to success at both levels.

Professional continuous learning is now a survival skill. Technology is predicted to replace 25 percent of U.S. jobs, replacing routine tasks in nearly every field, sector, and discipline.  While continuous learning is part of our everyday lives, adult learning and continuous improvement are necessary skill to stay relevant it the modern digital workplace and is required for success and career growth.

The LACE's learning catalog and other learning services support the CCSQ Community in ongoing learning and innovation at the enterprise, program, team, and individual levels. 


Any individual or combination of the following services are available by request:

Professional Education Services 

As a program matures it is critical that program members continue to educate themselves to increase understanding and foster innovation. Agile and SAFe principles highlight why supporting ongoing education is necessary for success in the digital economy. Fostering a growth mindset plays a pivotal role, allowing teams to reach new heights.

Learn More about our Professional Education Services, or visit the LACE Learning

Collaborative Learning Experiences

LACE hosted and facilitated Collaborative Learning Experiences gives members of the CCSQ Community opportunities work collaboratively with peers and experts. Get help refining your craft, exploring new and relevant topics with peers, and add hands-on experience to the body of your professional skills and knowledge. The LACE offers 'bring your own work" clinic sessions, study halls for exam certifications, and other engaging, high-touch learning experiences. Learn more.

Professional Journey Support

The CCSQ LACE goes beyond training to help community members identify learning styles, define learning strategies and create learning paths to achieve their goals.  Through coaching, training, and the identification of opportunities, the LACE provides ongoing support for a learner's journey to increase knowledge and maximize job satisfaction today, and define career advancement opportunities for tomorrow. By providing Professional Journey Support, the LACE is working to build a strong, supportive community of individuals and teams who are dedicated to improving practices and achieving their goals. Learn more.

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