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Elevating Agility Across CCSQ

The LACE takes an enterprise-wide view of excellence and opportunity, providing standards and tools designed to help teams, programs, and the enterprise as a whole improve and move toward CCSQ's goal of becoming a world-class development organization. We offer a variety of services to sustain and continue CCSQ's agile transformation

Enterprise Dashboards:

The CCSQ Enterprise Dashboards are designed to provide Center Leadership with the tools to ask better questions, rapidly identify systemic root causes, and surface improvement opportunities across the enterprise. Through the use of Jira data, the enterprise dashboards also provide delivery teams, Scrum Masters, RTEs, and Federal program leaders critical insights to rapidly improve. The dashboards can be used to:

  • Identify improvement opportunities within programs and teams across the enterprise
  • Provide product and service delivery teams with line-of-sight into delivery health with no data collection/analysis burden
  • Pinpoint successful behaviors, practices, and techniques
  • Identify training topics beneficial to teams and programs

Learn more about the dashboards or submit your improvement ideas or feature requests.

Interested in assistance or collaboration with the LACE?


Advanced Program Insights

The Advanced Program Insights service is a comprehensive support resource designed to help CCSQ Programs adopt and succeed with Lean and Agile principles. With our expertise in metric analysis, program and team dashboard evaluation, and Agile Health Assessments, we can help you identify areas for improvement and drive success in your program. With this LACE service, CCSQ Programs can gain insights into their current performance, identify areas for improvement, and develop a plan for implementing effective change leading to an improved ability to deliver value to customers. Learn more.

Advanced Team Insights

The ability of an organization to remain relevant and successfully sustain a long-lasting transformation relies on its capacity to continuously adapt informed by the historical data collected at every level of its value creation chain. The Advanced Team Insights presents a set of services including a Team Ceremony Analysis, Team Dashboard, and Team Health Radar to understand what is happening at the team level, evaluate the gaps between the current and the desired state, and identify growth opportunities to aid CCSQ achieve its strategic goals and thrive. Learn more.


Guidelines for Lean & Agile Excellence

In any scaled agile environment, unified work management processes and project setup is key for understanding strengths and weaknesses across the enterprise and forming actionable improvement plans. The LACE works hard to define these standards while still supporting the flexibility of the self-organization principle that allows teams and programs the freedom to optimize workflows and reduce waste.

The LACE provides software development partners with best practices and guidelines for Jira Project Configuration and Issue Management Practices, encouraging all teams involved in digital product and service delivery to support the CCSQ's goal to measure what matters. These practices also provide programs and teams with advanced metrics that go beyond burn-down charts and the program predictability measure to provide insights into performance and behavioral trends, identifying improvement opportunities, and setting actionable key results. Learn more.


On-boarding Support

The LACE supports incoming digital product and service delivery organizations with LACE On-boarding training. This training takes a deeper look at the topics in the CCSQ Agile Playbook and the CCSQ Contractor Onboarding Guide, helping new organizations understand CCSQ's agile operations, processes, and best practices. Learn to get the most from the Jira project configuration that supports the Guidelines for Lean and Agile Excellence, leverage the Team and Program Enterprise Dashboards, and discover the wide range of LACE support offerings. The LACE On-boarding support services provide new technology contractors both the understanding and the know-how to operate successfully in CCSQ's digital product and service delivery environment. Learn more.

To request on-boarding training, use the "request support" on this page.


Community Events and Resources

The LACE regularly hosts events open to, and for the benefit of, all members of the CCSQ Community. Community of Practice events are held quarterly and feature topics from the fields of Technology, Organizational Health, and other subjects and interests relevant to our business and technology communities. Speaker panels provide the community the opportunity to ask topic based questions on current conversations in government and industry.

The LACE has several special events coming in 2023. Stay tuned to the monthly LACE event updates in Slack and email, and take a look at our events calendar to plan in advance.

To support our community and elevate it's skills and practices, the LACE also offers training, workshops, and clinics by request, on any topics in the LACE Learning Catalog, the Enterprise Dashboard for Teams, and the Enterprise Dashboard for Programs. If you are interest in having your program added to the dashboards, booking a training event, or requesting any other service, submit a request at the top of this page.

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