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Ensure the Organization is receiving the best return on value possible in its Programs 

No matter where your team or program is in it's Agile Journey, the principle of continuous improvement applies. Having a recurring issue with delivery? Scope changes? A team or program level ceremony? Need help with requirements? Contact the LACE to see how we can support your programs delivery, from targeted issue triage to holistic and comprehensive program support. 

Any individual or combination of the following services are available by request:

Program Optimization

The LACE Team will partner with you to help assist in improving your program to its highest level of performance. Contact us today to optimize your program and take it to the next level. Learn more

Product Management Support

The role of Product Management is challenging and complex and often misunderstood across the technology industry and stakeholders. LACE experts and change agents are here to help you explore a comprehensive product strategy and leadership involvements to build solutions and early delivery of business value by taking an economic view. Learn more

Interested in collaborating with the LACE to accelerate your Program and Product Delivery? 


Value Stream Alignment

For any new and existing program, it is critical to understand the steps in the customer journey of its operational and development value stream. This helps to identify the bottlenecks and delays processes that translate to "waste" in the system. Contact the LACE today to help you align your program and identify the workflow process. Learn more

Team Performance Optimization

Every team goes through the five stages of forming, storming, norming, performance, and adjourning according to Tuckman’s Model. The faster a team comes out of the forming and storming stage, the better they will be in norming and performing stage. To make this happen, teams must go into a self-organizing mode where they respect the opinions of each team member and are focused and committed towards team goals. Work with a LACE team member to develop appropriate team culture and build self-organizing teams. Learn more

Business Agility Transition Support

Successful business organizations are very much based on the level of trust the organization’s leaders and management have in their teams. Business Agility is a mindset and this mindset change must start at all levels of the organization. By applying this set of practices, product and service delivery teams can increase communication, information, and deliverables. Learn more

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