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What is a Persona?

A summary of user research presented in a fictional, composite person representing a group of real end users. A user persona helps project teams and stakeholders understand who the product is intended for, their primary tasks, and the contexts of product use.

When to use it

Develop user personas anytime you design products for use by other people. 

How to use it

You can create provisional user personas before user research using your best guesses about user types. Revise your personas later using actual user research results. Revisit personas anytime you learn new info about people using your products and services.


Name and Role 

Invent a name for your fictional composite, and a real role for that type or group of users. Ensure names across your personas show diversity.

Comfort with Technology

Move the dot on the spectrum to represent an approximate level of comfort using technology  in general.

Line of Business Represented 

Enter line of business name(s) here.

A Day in Her/His Life 

Translate persona goals into real-life typical tasks to create a day’s schedule. Include relevant offline tasks to provide context of use.


Enter a first-person statement of purpose for this persona that represents their driving interest or need.

What We Can Do to Help Her/Him 

List possible approaches or strategies to solve this persona’s primary problems.


List the primary work goals of this type of user.

Photo and Caption 

Use a royalty-free, owned, or purchased photo to characterize the persona. Ensure photos across your personas show diversity.

Pain Points 

List the primary problems this type of user encounters when using the product or service.

Uses Enterprise Services

Increase or decrease the bar on the spectrum to represent an approximate frequency of usage of the identified HCQIS enterprise services.

Needs Help Desk

Move the dot on the spectrum to represent an approximate need for help when using the product or service.



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