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What is a Service Prototype?

"Try it, Prototype it, and Improve it". Service Prototyping is a method of testing the experience of a customer's interactions with your organization. It allows you to observe the customer’s interactions with a prototype of the service.

Why Create a Service Prototype?

Service Prototypes bring physicality to a non-physical experience. They can prompt reactions from users that might not have manifested just by asking questions. In addition, the act of creating the prototype can bring to light obstacles or opportunities that you did not previously consider.

How do we Create a Service Prototype?

There are three types of Service Prototypes:

Exploratory Prototype : This type of prototype is a quick sketch or rough cardboard mock-up.  It is used as a visual aid to guide your participants through the process and conversation. This is normally used at the start of a project.

Generative Prototype: This type of prototype can be digital or physical. It is a fairly simple replica with simulated interaction and allows participants to actually “experience” the results of their choices or encounters. This is normally created after research has been conducted and concepts developed.

Evaluative Prototype: This type of prototype takes place in a controlled environment. It should as closely as possible, personify the final service design. All touch points, physical, digital and spatial, need to feel real, even if the participants are aware of it being a simulation. This type of prototype is constructed after the concept is fully formed and refined.


Tips for How to Prototype a Service

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