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An Introduction to Human-Centered Design


Human-Centered Design (HCD) is the process we use to understand the people for whom we are writing policies and creating programs and services for at CMS. The successful practice of HCD means we are meeting the mission of CMS: "to ensure that the voices and needs of the populations we represent are present as the agency is developing, implementing, and evaluating its programs and policies." HCD is part of ISG's mission, but it can be applied to any type of work at CCSQ, including products, services, and even policy.  

Learning Objectives

After attending the remote training, attendees will have an introductory understanding of HCD and some basic HCD methods/activities that can be applied to their role at CCSQ. 

  • Speaking the same language as contractors to improve oversight.

  • Provides immediate, actionable tips​ and improves team collaboration and ideation.


Following the six-step HCD process that we use at CMS, the training workshop will introduce you to HCD and reinforce knowledge with activity-based group learning.

  • Duration: 2 Days / 4 hours = total 8 Hours

  • Level: Beginner

  • Prerequisites: None

  • Attendee types: Everyone

  • Class type: Remote w/ interactive and collaborative exercises.

 Contact us at for questions about the training.

Who Will Benefit?

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Achieve Your Certification

To earn a Certificate of Completion from CCSQ’s Human-Centered Design Center of Excellence, participants must complete the full duration of the training course and will receive a dated and verified Electronic Certificate (PDF). Certificates are sent to your email within two weeks of completion. Once you have earned your certificate, list it on your resume and LinkedIn profile under ‘Education’.

Duration of learning: 8 hours / 480 mins

Earn your CCSQ HCD certification today and register for upcoming training courses.

  • "The speakers were entertaining and very knowledgeable. They made the training fun."
  • "The breakout rooms were very beneficial. It helped reinforce the concepts that were being presented."
  • "The exercises were thought-provoking and easy to apply in day-to-day work tasks."
  • "I enjoyed the activities that gave us an opportunity to pilot some of the strategies we were learning."
  • "The exercises were thought-provoking and easy to apply in day-to-day work tasks."

Foundational Learning Path

Although the CCSQ Centers of Excellence offers a broad catalog of short and long-form trainings on lean, agile, and human-centered design topics of interest, CCSQ recommends taking the following core courses so that all employees and contractor-partners gain greater alignment by putting into practice the key principles of these philosophies:

  Agility Foundations (All CCSQ)

  Introduction to Human-Centered Design (All CCSQ)

  UX & Agile for Software Development (ISG Only) 

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