Accomplishments this Year

In 2020, the QualityNet Atlassian Team introduced some big changes to the Atlassian tool suite, including upgrades, rebranding, and integrations with other QualityNet IT Services. Read more for our biggest accomplishments in 2020.


In January, the Atlassian team upgraded QualityNet Jira to version 8.5. This upgrade included new priority icons, development info display on issue cards, flexible boards, color updates for status issues, and opening external links in new tabs by default.

In September, QualityNet Confluence was upgraded to version 7.5. This upgrade included a new and improved search feature, new colors for tables, a makeover for the Widget Connector macro, and alerts for documents that are uploaded while you are working on them.

See the full release notes on the QualityNet Atlassian page.

Other Major Changes

  • Successfully decommissioned HCQIS HipChat. HipChat was replaced with QualityNet Slack as the new collaboration platform.
  • Made the Atlassian tool suite internet-facing with the integration with HARP. With this change, users could log in with their HARP credentials, and were enabled to access QualityNet Confluence and Jira without the use of VPN, VDI, or Zscaler.
  • Introduced the QualityNet Communications Hub as the new, public landing page for QualityNet Confluence, accessible to users without requiring them to log in.
  • Rebranded to the QualityNet Atlassian Support Knowledgebase (QNASK) on Confluence and on the Jira project for consistency with other QualityNet IT Services.
  • Transitioned to .gov URLs for QualityNet Confluence and Jira from the legacy .org URLs.
  • Completed the transition to the Atlassian Data Center Platform and decommissioned several QualityNet Jira add-ons.
  • Provided support to Acute Hospital Care At-Home (AHCAH) by working with the ESS team to create an application to support requests from hospitals and provide at-home acute hospital services, along with Dashboards to support the CMS users that make decisions regarding these requests.

Integrations with Other QualityNet IT Services

Both QualityNet Atlassian tools were integrated with HARP in 2020. This integration allowed users to log into their Atlassian accounts using their HARP credentials, and users can now use HARP to request Atlassian access.

QualityNet Jira was also integrated with QualityNet Slack and HCQIS ServiceNow. The integration with Slack allows Jira to securely send notifications about project and task updates to specific Slack channels. The integration with ServiceNow allows users to create ServiceNow tickets from Jira and receive ServiceNow tickets in Jira, which are updated in real time in both applications.

New Policies

Several new policies were also defined in 2020 to give users more guidelines on the QualityNet Atlassian suite, including how to submit support requests, session timeout periods, and Atlassian account deactivation.

  • Extended the Atlassian session timeout period so that users will remain logged into QualityNet Atlassian tools until there is a 2 hour period of inactivity, at which point the user will automatically be logged out.
  • Implemented a new policy for users submitting support requests. Users with support requests should submit them to the QualityNet Help Desk at qnetsupport@hcqis.orgvia phone at 1-866-288-8912 (TTY 1-877-715-6222), or on the #help-Atlassian Slack channel.
  • Put in place a policy for account deactivation. Accounts that have not logged into either Jira or Confluence in the last 60 or more consecutive days will be deactivated. Deactivated users will be required to re-request a QualityNet Atlassian role via HARP to regain access.

The Year Ahead

The Atlassian Team will continue to support the use of QualityNet Confluence and Jira in 2021. This year, the team plans to update Jira to the latest version as well as update all of the add-ons to their latest versions.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding QualityNet Jira or Confluence, please contact us on the #help-Atlassian Slack channel.