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What is Card Sorting?

Card-Sorting is a method that has users organizing information on small cards into logical groups.  This provides insights for the researchers as to what information your users associate as naturally belonging together in a group.

These activities are easy and cheap to run, quick to process and provide good insights about how users expect information to be grouped together.

Sometimes the results can be so varied that no pattern emerges, analyzing complex info can be time consuming, and doesn’t always take the users end goal of visiting the website into account. summarizes Card Sorting as

“ a quick, simple and inexpensive way to gather insights about your users and their thoughts on groupings, categories etc. This method works well at the beginning of projects if you are working on a redesign of a site and as a way of added new content to a site, but will not give you all the answers that you are looking for. However, when using card sorting along with other UX methods such as usability testing it can help you to find out some useful insights about users to get new projects up and running.”


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