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Brainstorming: How to Create More Ideas and Better Ideas.

A brainstorming session likely comes to mind when tasked with generating ideas to solve a problem or dream up an innovative solution. But does it work?

Quick answer: Yes. But if facilitated poorly or approached with a rigid perspective, it may lead to groupthink or an environment where good ideas go to die—the opposite of what you set out to accomplish.

Whether facilitating or participating in a brainstorming session, you will succeed by adhering to best practices and approaching the process with a creative mindset. So, what does success look like? More and better ideas!

The session will include:

  • How to protect and nurture ideas
  • Brainstorming best practices
  • Virtual brainstorming techniques

Our guest presenter is Senior Design Strategist Scott Reed with the HCD Center of Excellence and adjunct faculty at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). Scott has an MBA in Strategic Design and completed post-graduate work at Austin Center for Design.

The presentation slides and recording will be available following the session on Confluence. 


When: Thursday, April 28, 1 PM ET

Where: Zoom, meeting ID 813 1725 3712, pass 050855

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