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ICD-10 Decimal Discussion (14030 Code)






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Discussion Items:

General Updates
  • Introduction to Betina Fletcher - new deputy.
General Updates
  • All thirty-nine 401 error code tickets have been investigated. Most have follow up questions that need to be addressed before they can be resolved.   Helpdesk will be working on obtaining the information back to the ADO for resolution.  Any new issues opened will not be prioritized as high - waiting on responses back to questions since they may be overlapping.
  • We will be taking on the 100 error code tickets next.  
Recent Deployments

See Planned Releases.

 Released the following:

  • Dashboard - 2728 Missing Supplemental Forms.  
  • 2728 Form - Print Serum Creatinine - Decimal point bug.  Best to include up to the 10th place.  
  • Unexpected server errors - Print 2728, deleting transplant treatments, 
  • 2744 - Status change updates on 2744 view.
  • Clinical - Reopening clinical months display.
  • Global exceptions displayed in Dev console.  
  • 2744 Form issues related to syntax and verbiage and missing links.  
  • Update client profile table for feedback retry lambda.
Upcoming DeploymentsMichael Hunter
  • System down time over the weekend to adjust the storage type instance for backend databases. 
    Saturday  8 PM EST to Sunday  8AM EST 
  • Reviewed upcoming deployments scheduled for  
  • COVID UI release for next week. 

UI Changes for Vaccination


  • The COVID UI will go into production, but turned off.  No plan to release in production.    
  • Only UI portion is being released.  No vaccines updates to EDSM. 
  • Working on a separate feature for EDSM for COVID but still in progress. 
  • Development and testing will be complete in this PI. 
  • EDIs will then receive the XML for that and will establish a plan to deploy to production.  

Pneumococcal UI

  • Changes to Pneumococcal - New UI where facilities will be able to enter vaccines for patients.
  • Separate from what is submitted on clinical files.  This screen is to obtain vaccine information.
  • Are there impact to XML structure for these changes?  No. 
  • Testing included submitted XML to confirm no impact to UI. 
  • Vaccine UI is separate from any files that are submitted today.  No issues in testing with submitted file or updating new UI where they interfere each other.  EDIs would like assurance that that when xml format for batch submission is updated and implemented in EDSM and UI is implemented, the two will not interfere with each other and testing has been performed.  Mike to provide evidence that this is the case.  


  • EDIs have not received any information on changes to UI (first time).  When will training be provided? EOCT provides training for this and will communicate once dates are finalized.  Feature is in test 2-3 environment to grab screen shots.
  • Training comes too late from EOCT.  Communication about changes is too late for EDIs.  
  • Will a demo be provided in PI demo?  

Batch Validation Implementation Progress 

(Admit Validation Codes)

Yvette Brown
  • Target for the 5 Admission-related: (Codes 11221 to 111225)
  • ADO development complete and tested:  
  • LDO integration testing begins:  
  • Estimating time/effort for the additional Discharge codes that were requested to be added. 
ICD-10 Decimal Discussion (14030 Code)Michael Hunter
  • Expectation - Accepts decimal point - yes defect.  If expectation is that if codes will be submitted without decimal and displayed without it, then no, behaving as expected.  CW did not display the decimal point and did not ask for it when entering ICD-10 code.  CW may have ignored it. 
  • EQRS does not accept decimal or display it.  
  • Did CW accept it, but did not display it?  ADO does not believe so, but can not confirm.  
  • FMC is not receiving any batch errors related to this.  
  • Primary cause of Renal Failure (on pdf) field - ICD-10 codes (alpha numeric and has decimal).  
  • Internal discussions to take place at FMC.  
  • If there are concerns, will bring back up for discussion.
Clinical Submission
  • No timeline on when this will be resumed.
  • Holding data is a lot of work and requires sending it in order.  

Action Items:

  • EDIs would like assurance that that when xml format for batch submission is updated and implemented in EDSM and UI is implemented, the two will not interfere with each other and testing has been performed.  provide evidence that this is the case.  Michael Hunter
  • Address concerns related to changes to pneumococcal UI - specifically why advanced communication was not provided.  Lisa Rees


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