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What Three Heuristic Evaluations Taught Us About Iteration CCSQ HCD Community of Practice on March 26 at 1 PM ET.

What Three Heuristic Evaluations Taught Us About Iteration

Learn how a design team at CMS uses heuristic evaluations to improve the user experience during the CCSQ HCD Community of Practice on Friday, March 26  at 1 PM ET.

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A heuristic evaluation involves examining a digital product's interface to determine its compliance with established usability principles. A group teaming with the Office of Information Technology will discuss three heuristic evaluations and iterations to make improvements. 

The program will include:

  • Examples of heuristics.
  • How a cross-functional team can contribute to success.
  • How to approach evaluations from novice and expert skill backgrounds.
  • Lessons learned on conducting remote collaborative heuristic evaluations, including forming, scoring, and reporting results.
  • How to leverage and modify Excel spreadsheets and TestRail suite formatting to fit various needs.

The panel will include:

  • Ann Aly, UX Researcher, Agile 6
  • Amanda Beall, UX Designer, Fearless
  • Mike Brown, Scrum Master, Agile 6
  • Marisa Grotte, UX Designer and Researcher, Fearless
  • Daedriana Harvey, UX Designer, Fearless
  • Antoine Wright, UX Lead, Fearless

Join the discussion and collaborate with a community of professionals. Attend via Zoom.

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