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HCD & COVID-19: A Panel Discussion

Join the CCSQ Human-Centered Design Community of Practice on Friday, December 18, at 1 PM ET for a panel discussion about HCD & COVID-19.

In one way or another, every individual and organization has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Developing products and implementing human-centered design (HCD) research and other best practices has been uniquely challenging in the government sector. Likely more so for CMS when the healthcare delivery system is stretching to new limits and priorities shift to focus on the urgent matter at hand.

The work must continue despite a changing research environment, and we must navigate accordingly. The pandemic has only increased the need for HCD as we observe behavioral and psychological shifts within user groups and communities facing new challenges of their own.

The CCSQ HCD Community of Practice is assembling a panel moderated by Strategic Planning Lead and Enterprise Agile Coach Ali Tobolsky with Tantus Technologies and the LACE to discuss questions like:

  • What is the new normal and what does it mean?
  • How might we be more resilient and leverage the latest constraints to our advantage?
  • What have teams tried to do in response to these challenging times? What worked? What has not yet worked?
  • What shifts are we seeing with user groups or communities?

The panel will include:

  • Kisha Coa, Social Science Research Analyst, CMS Office of Communications, Strategic Marketing Group, Division of Research.
  • Erik Connors, Research Lead, Huge and primary researcher for the Quality Improvement and Evaluation System (iQIES).
  • Ian Lowrie, Lead User Experience Designer with Ad Hoc and currently teaming with Hospital Quality Reporting (HQR).
  • Sarah Tully, Product Manager, CMS Office of Enterprise Data and Analytics (OEDA), Data and Analytics Strategy Group (DASG).

Register today to join the discussion and collaborate with a community of professionals. Attend via Zoom.

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