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Meeting RecordingArnie

This session will be recorded for the purpose of documenting the meeting minutes and action items. If there are any objections to the recording of this session, please make it known now. Absence of an objection to the meeting being recorded will count as consent to recording this meeting.  

Program Working Group Meeting Recording 10042023.mp4

EQRS Feature Updates/DiscussionPorsche/EDIs

Program update:

    • Still working on the Peritonitis outstanding questions which has been on hold for now
    • No other updates to report to the group at this time

EDI Questions: 

  • Depression Screening UI not implementing the exclusion criteria
    • There are a number of exclusions for who is required to have a depression screening
    • EDIs have been told the UI is supposed to be applying those exclusions (for example, age, time on dialysis, etc)
    • It does not look like the exclusions are being applied
    • The last time this was asked, according to Ahmar, they should have been applied by EQRS
    • Adrienne will research and bring this up in a meeting later today.  She will get back to the group and provide an update (Action Item Adrienne)
  • Readmission to same clinic <30 days merging records to existing prior admission
    • A new record is not being created but there are some scenario's EDIs think it should
      • Listen to recording for detailed scenario
    • DCI has not encountered this issue
    • FMC has encountered this issue
    • Kathleen will send examples to Michael Kennedy for him to research
  • Corporate role functionality and bulk role removal for national level users
    • No system issues  to report
    • Just want to understand where we are at in the transition to corporate roles
    • Does the corporate role now have all the functionality it's supposed to have?
      • Per Adrienne, yes the last piece was the reporting piece ad not that the Quick Site reports are out, the corporate role feature should be complete.
      • There were additional requests that came in that have been put on the backlog to be prioritized
      • Under the corporate role, Nathan still can't do forms.  
      • Kathleen cannot add a 2728 or 2746 unless the forms are already in a saved status which she can do stuff with them
      • All of Nathan's questions come back to how we can get rid of all of his "9000" roles 
        • Adrienne will check on the EQRS ADO side to see where this is documented, get this corporate role question in front of the SMT and see where this work will fit in (Action Item Adrienne)
      • For the bulk role removal piece, Nathan volunteered to use his account as the guinea pig, but Kathleen is already working with the ADO
Open ForumEDIs

DaVita - no additional updates or questions

FMC - no additional updates or questions

DCI - no additional updates or questions

RHA - not in attendance

US Renal - no additional updates or questions

Adrienne pointed out -

  • Working with DaVita, the ADO discovered in the Quicksite reports, the Clinical Report has a limitation native to excel for downloading files that have a large number of rows.  The limitation is between 30,000 to 40,000 rows for excel. Which means corporate users or network users trying to export a report with more rows than that will find that data truncated.  EQRS cannot control this in Quicksite. EQRS ADO is working on a way to put a limitation warning in the reports for the user.  Suggest using .CSV (1 million row limitation) if they are exporting a large amount of data.

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