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EQRS Feature Updates/DiscussionLisa/Adrienne

Peritonitis Reporting Clarification

  • Nathan compared the other infection reporting that is done with CDC
    • The rules around infection reporting are very structured, documented, outlined of what an event is and this is what a timeframe is, how fields should be reported
    • Nathan has not seen any of that from EQRS and asked for it to be shared
    • Looking for that level of documentation that the CDC provides
    • This information is needed so they will know how to code their data and accurately and consistently report across organizations
    • Lisa mentioned they want to align with the ISPD Peritonitis Guideline Recommendations
  • Geraldine - Wanted to know if the fields that are currently mandatory were still being discussed to not making them mandatory
    • Vlad sent the following email for reference: Peritonitis Event Data Submission Requirements.msg
    • Lisa could not respond to the questions and request that Geraldine send her the questions
    • Kathleen sent the Vlad's questions to Lisa and Adrienne right after the 6/14 Program Working Group meeting

Below are initial questions from DaVita and there will probably be more as the discussion continues

  • What defines a qualifying peritonitis event to be reported?
  • Is it just a positive culture or can there be a sterile event? 
  • What timeframe should be expected to count symptoms/outcomes under one event so we don’t report duplicate data?







wasPD Suspended


Yes,No, Unknown

Indicates whether PD was suspended

  • What is the definition of ‘Suspended’?
  • Does it mean patient switched to a different modality temporarily? Or that they shifted their PD treatment schedule for a couple days?
  • Is there a minimum timeframe for it to be considered “suspended”




Indicates the date pd fluid was drawn

  • If drawn multiple times, which fluid draw do we report for each event?



Yes, No, Unknown

Indicates whether the patient had abdominal pain

  • What is considered acceptable or is this attribute specific to abdominal pain only?
    • Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Fever and Chills, Low UF, Irritable



Yes, No, Unknown

Indicates whether the patient's effluent was cloudy

  • Is this attribute specific to a response of ‘Cloudy’ only or are other response that would also indicate a ‘Yes’?
    • Fibrin, Pink/Red, Hazy

Open Forum



  • We have reviewed the error codes provided for the infection module and have concerns about error code 31350: PD Fluid Cell Count cannot exceed 4000. We sometimes do have results where this number exceeds 4000, so making this a cap on a required field will result in the same as above – underreporting (inability to submit event) or inaccurate data (defaulting to 4000 just to get the data entered).
  • The meeting minutes mentioned that pre-prod is not ready for testing because it didn’t have the right code. Has this been corrected since the code is now live in production?
    • Per Adrienne the code has been updated and they can start working in the pre-prod environment
  • Noticed that the inability to enter the leading zero in the date field is still an issue in the live module. Will this be addressed soon? (I’d suggest also fixing this issue in the vaccination module. It’s an inconvenience when 9 of 12 months start with a leading zero.)
    • Per Adrienne the team has it on their backlog list but not sure when the fix will be in place.  Need to find an ETA. (Action Item Adrienne)
    • Kathleen suggested to also address the same issue in the Vaccination module as well
  • Kathleen is requesting for the latest Data Dictionary be updated on the EQRS Communication Hub.  The current Data Dictionary out there is dated 6/2/23.  Also need the latest XML and XSD (Action Item Adrienne)



US Renal


  • It was announced that today is Lisa's last day in the EQRS support role with the Program.
    • Lisa will not be leaving ESRD, she will just be transitioning to a new role with the Perspective Payment System
    • Any concerns or information should also include Mitzi Christ ( and Porsche Dorsey (
    • Mitzi and Porsche will be taking over the EQRS support role
    • Mitzi wanted to bring this to the group's attention so that any new work, questions or concerns do not get lost in the shuffle as today is Lisa's last day
    • Will this call (Program Working Group) continue?
      • Yes, this call will continue as scheduled
      • It may be discussed with the group if the call will continue; what is needed, is it necessary
    • Who will be leading this call?
      • Mitzi or Porsche
    • If there are any questions or concerns that come up in between the scheduled Program Working Group calls, who is the point of contact?
      • Questions and concerns can be sent to Mitzi and Porsche

Next meeting scheduled for:   

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