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This session will be recorded for the purpose of documenting the meeting minutes and action items. If there are any objections to the recording of this session, please make it known now. Absence of an objection to the meeting being recorded will count as consent to recording this meeting.
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EQRS Feature Updates/DiscussionHCD Team

Usability updates:

  • There was a conversation yesterday with HCD and the Program.
  • Lizzie shared that there has been lots of feedback with the UI updates. The team has been implementing and refining an UX agile process. One thing we have began is creating HCD exploration enablers!
    • For example, we have a whole board of user findings and stakeholder feedback. We are currently organizing it so it can be prioritized as future enhancements.
    • We are beginning an exploration enabler for breadcrumbs for navigation issues. This will allow users to know where they are in the system all the time and easily navigate back to the homepage.
    • We are working with our front end devs to update our component library to make it consistent and user friendly.
    • The team also has efforts towards the Public Portal. They are welcoming feedback from all the teams. We want to assure the system is user friendly as possible!
    • - please feel free to email us any time to participate in our upcoming User Research efforts!  The email is also on our UI
Walk on Topics
  • Lisa received a question earlier this week for a data breach with a contractor last year. It was not one of our contractors. The notice that was sent out was that the patients affected will get a new MBI number.
    • This does not really affect EQRS. The system can recognize patients up to 5 different MBI numbers in a given lifespan.
  • Geraldine brought up SSNs upload on patients that have died. Their MBI number becomes valid before they pass away. This occurred with a patient recently in EQRS. We caught this because insurance wanted them to return the money because it was billed to Medicare. Lisa will take this question to a SME and get back to her on it.
  • Dinesh shared: Is there any downtime today because FKC team would like to upload some files? Greg will get back to him on this.
  • Nathan wanted to discuss the Micro specifications documentation. Lisa said we can give it to the HCD team and dedicate an exploration feature in a future PI. This will give a more comprehensive idea on the work that needs to come out of all that. Nathan shared that it is not a technical request so we may not need HCD. Lisa still believed it is work that needs to be planned out, so we still need to create a feature for this for a dedicated team to work on. We might work with EOCT and see if they have time to do it. Lisa will take this to the SMT later today and ask Ahmar how we can accommodate this request.
  • Revathy asked about a completion date on Peritonitis. We have demoed it and are waiting for some things. Lisa will share once we hear back.
    • Lizzie shared that since the Peritonitis form is so long, HCD wanted users to be able to save their progress. There was an question upon the final save/submit, if that should be editable? Just like vaccinations. The only issue with editable forms are data discrepancies. The team will think about it and send a decision in an email later this week.
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