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Meeting RecordingArnie

This session will be recorded for the purpose of documenting the meeting minutes and action items. If there are any objections to the recording of this session, please make it known now. Absence of an objection to the meeting being recorded will count as consent to recording this meeting.
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EQRS Feature UpdatesYvette/Dan/Lisa
  1. Updates on open Action Items:
    1. HICNUM inclusion in EDB matching
      1. Not asking about how EDB does patient matching; more so the medical claim number
      2. It is in development right now and will go into production around the end of the PI release; should see in production in the next few weeks, around March 14th
    2. Removing Medicare Status Validations
      1. Especially the one for deceased patients
      2. Listen to recording for scenarios: 3:15 - 7:53
        1. Only validation that will be removed is the one related to no allowing the Medicare status to have a future date; b/c EDB does send future dates to EQRS. That's the only validation that will be removed
        2. Per Dan, it has already been removed b/c there was an issue with admitting patients were there was a future Medicare status date
        3. Per Geraldine it may also be the 2746 form when they try to save it.  Tells the user they are not able to save the death form b/c the Medicare start date is after the death date
        4. Any related issues on the 2744 have been resolved
        5. Per Geraldine they have been having problems with 2746s; it does not trigger the 2746 when you enter an admission discharge of death; clinics have to do a work around where they go in and add the death in the through the demographic screen then it will trigger the 2746 but still won't let them save it.  Need Dan's team to look into this (Action Item Dan)
        6. Leah pointed out there is one ticket that has to do with when there is a future termination of Medicare in 2023; it was showing as non-Medicare for 2022.  Leah will send an example to Yvette for research (Action Item Leah - this is a non issue)
    3. 2744 impacts
      1. Medicare Status History
        1. Updates have been made to the system; now that EDB is the source of truth, it can derive a status when a patient doesn't have one
        2. Listen to recording for scenarios: 7:59 - 17:20
        3. Still outstanding with the 2744s are the reports; may not be accurate at this time
        4. For ay duplicates on the 274, the data team will have to make the update in the database
        5. Also an issue with duplicate information and one of the tables would cause zeros (status information) to generate on the 2744
        6. Both fixes mentioned should be fixed in production late last week
      2. Calculation of Medicare category counts
  2. NCC splitting EDI_Working Reports
    1. Timeline
      • Per Dianna, the NCC is still waiting on the responses from a few entities; the deadline is 2/28
      • Once they get them back they will be able to provide a timeline
      • The process will probably take over the next 2 months with splitting out having the facility reports
    2. Order
    3. Routine meetings throughout the process
      • Details still need to be worked out once the NCC gets the comments back
      • EDIs should be seeing something from Dianna later on in the next week once she gets the information back
      • Dianna assured the EDIs they will be kept informed of the updates and process
  3. Timing of Peritonitis Technical Documents
    1. Data Dictionary
      • Still working on the updates to the data dictionary
      • Should be available shortly after this iteration which ends next week (2/28)
    2. Sample XML (not just the happy path)
      • Due to some blockers this week, the ADO is still in the middle of development
      • An XML draft was posted on the EDI Confluence public site
      • Not at the point where they have sample XML files yet; hoping to get one sample XML file available at the end of the iteration (2/28) next week sometime
    3. What is the timeline to have LDOs send data?
      • Lisa mentioned 3 months after it goes out in March, not certain
      • Revathy expressed they need final documentation, time to plan, perform analysis, develop and time to test
      • Revathy is putting this out there now so a mutual convenient timeline can be determined
      • Revathy does not think 3 month will be enough and won't commit to 3 months since it's a tight timeline
  4. 2728 Form Update
    1. Release of Public Comments?
      • Answers to the comments are still being worked on
      • Some of the comments have taken revisions to the 2728
      • Those comments will be release back out in another 1-2 weeks
      • The answers to the comments don't go through another round of comments that its finalized the way it is
    2. Next steps in process
      • The ADO is already working on getting the 2728 revisions completed
    3. Timing
      • This will have to be discussed 
      • There will be something coming back out in the Federal Register with the comments and the answers
Open Forum


  • The difference between sending an email to the ESRD QNET support email address and the Quality Net Q&A tool?
    • Nathan's understanding is that they route to the same groups for triage
    • A ticket Nathan opened this week responded back indicating we cannot handle that and you should submit this through the Quality Net Q&A tool
    • No one on the call could answer Nathan's question. Lisa will take this back and find out which is the correct venue/process in submitting an issue/question from the EDIs (Action Item Lisa/Jason Clem (EOCT)




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