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This session will be recorded for the purpose of documenting the meeting minutes and action items. If there are any objections to the recording of this session, please make it known now. Absence of an objection to the meeting being recorded will count as consent to recording this meeting.
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2728 DiscussionLisa/EDIs

Guidance for editing CMS-2728 forms

    • Does the EDI have to send it to the helpdesk first then go back to the network for them to edit it?
    • Can the EDI just ask the network to edit it?
    • Has there been any agreement among the DM networks what fields will be edited and which ones will not?
      • This is still under discussion at the DM level
      • Still working on their policies for editing
      • When the DMs have their plan ready, Lisa would like to look them over to make sure everyone is in agreement before they say "yes"
      • How far along are the DMs with the plan?
        • Per Leah Skrien, they are in the middle of discussions making sure what fields impact Medicare coverage and which ones do not
        • Robert sent over a draft copy yesterday to Lisa to review and discuss before they made any final decisions
        • They are almost wrapped up with the process
        • Leah and Lisa will coordinate a time when they can meet to review and discuss

2728 completion when multiple access types on first treatment are used

  • Per Kathleen - she pointed out that she was not sure if Medicare coverage is the only thing being considered by there has been a lot of attention on access that was used on the first treatment
    • Asking if there could be some consideration on allowing that field to be corrected
    • It is possible to use multiple access types on a treatment
    • Lisa will look more into this question
    • Michael will research it from a system stand point
    • This will be a subject topic that will be revisited in the next meeting

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Next meeting scheduled for  

Nathan was unable to attend today's meeting.  We will revisit these agenda items again at the next meeting

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