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PI19 and Road Map Discussion

  • Per Michael - still continuing the deployment of Calcimimetics
  • Committed to finishing the facility drop down for Corporate role; partnering with the MOD team who is working on the patient drop down 
  • Working on enabler for reporting transplant role and transplant module; starting discussions with both dialysis and transplant facilities on where that should end up, what it should look like and some research
  • Continuing to work on production data management and implementing the accretions parsing
  • MOD team working on Medicare status to auto populate the Medicare status and the MBI; when received from the EDB, it will be populated and locked down so it can't be corrupted or have incorrect data put in
  • Validation for the 2728 and 46 is being enhanced
  • Feature flags are being turned on for clinical sync so clinical data can be updated through EDSM and not just overwritten and lose things
  • Dialysis and supportive transplant will be turned on
  • Working through Vaccinations
  • Continuing to work on future data conversion
  • Per Lisa, from the network program perspective, also being worked is managing grievance; will not affect EDI submitters; Lisa wanted to just bring awareness
  • Ahmar was not available to speak on what is being worked on from the QIP perspective
  • Per Lisa, right now, the main focus is the reporting modules and transplant
  • Reports are probably going to be an ongoing thing
  • Going to try to make EQRS more useful and beneficial to everybody
  • Lisa could not think of may new development that would necessarily require the EDIs to change what they're reporting unless there was something the transplant centers would like to see that is currently not available in the system right now
  • Recently discussed emergency preparedness and building out an emergency module; the EDIs discussed another resource, want to talk about that more for future state
  • Due to the reservation from the EDIs the emergency preparedness was switched with transplant in PI19
  • Chris Brown asked if Lisa could speak to the onboarding of the veterans administration? 
    • Per Lisa there has been come glitches, there are still some discussions going back and forth
    • It's in the works but will probably move slowly
  • When is the go live date for the vaccination module?
    • Per Michael it is July 31st
    • It will be a hybrid until October per Lisa, so everybody can get their systems ready
    • Per Nathan, they are still waiting for updated documentation; they are supposed to be in their testing window right now
    • The EDIs should be getting the updated documentation this week; it is a status item on their meeting with Michael this week

Open Forum



  • Per Nathan he would like to get back to how it used to be where they were able to see visuals of what was accepted into a PI; then CMS would release a drafts of the next two PIs and a long term high level roadmap (12-18 months)
  • The roadmap helped to identify areas that impacted the EDIs and where they may have to make logic and code changes vs where they won't have to make changes
  • It becomes useful when the EDIs look at future planning of their teams; determine capacity, budgeting, etc
  • Per Nathan, since a lot of stuff was added to the system this year, he would like to look at things that already exist in the system that could be enhanced/optimized to make the data they are already used to sending more complete, more standardized across all organizations and more clear to users who are putting in the data manually
    • Per Lisa having discussions about making the system better are always valuable
    • Nathan suggest looking at admissions and discharges, specifically around training, how it's reported
    • Per Kathleen, suggested defining and documenting what all the data fields are actually asking for
    • Different organizations are reporting different things based on what they believe the definition of the data field is
    • Definitions make sure everybody is reporting that same thing consistently
    • Per Lisa, they are working on making the system more consistent throughout
    • Nathan suggest that Michael's meeting continue to discuss and research current features/items while this meeting (Program Working Group) meeting be used to discuss what they are looking at next? What is next for future PIs?
  • Has there been any update on Peritonitis?
    • Per Lisa, there will be some meetings on it in the near future but nothing has been decided
  • Nathan asked if there is a date when EQRS/Program needs the names, contact information of those people who will be involved in the transplant discussions?
    • Michael put Nathan and Vlad on the list and if there are others to invite, they should send to Michael
    • Michael will start setting up meetings next week
    • They are looking at the list of transplant centers that Lisa sent him
    • Suggest to send the names, contact information sooner than later


  • Kathleen shared with group the following questions for the NCC call next week
    • Since vaccinations is moving to the patient module/patient level then the vaccination moves across clinics with a patient right? Its not clinic specific?
    • What patients are included in the denominator for that measure?



Next meeting scheduled for  

Action Items:

  • Some of the EDIs may not be familiar on the data collection of Peritonitis so it is requested for the Program to provide them with a distinct set of questions to start. Per Lisa, they will come up with a set of questions (action item: Lisa) 7/13 Per Lisa, there will be some meetings on it in the near future but nothing has been decided

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