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Meeting RecordingArnie

This session will be recorded for the purpose of documenting the meeting minutes and action items. If there are any objections to the recording of this session, please make it known now. Absence of an objection to the meeting being recorded will count as consent to recording this meeting. Passcode: iW8?^A0q 

Error Trends and more..Michael

Data Submission Error Trend report status

Recording for this discussion:  00:39 - 9:44

  • Clinical Closure
    • We are not aware of any updates to the deadline, so 2021 clinical data is now closed
    • Michael received a help desk ticket last night (3/31); somebody had accidentally put "n/a" and removed all of the data for a patient. They had it in audit and they were able to replace it
    • If any of the EDIs come across something similar to the above scenario, let Michael know as he is doing the clinical data clean up
  • Clinical Data Clean Up - In Progress
    • Since the clinical data is closed, Michael is working on the clinical data clean up 
    •  Plan to finish it up this weekend or early next week
  • Attestation Data Review and Clean Up
    • If any of the EDIs need help, reach out to Michael
    • Michael completed it for DaVita and will run it again today (4/1) b/c people were still adding data
    • It will be ready on Monday, next week
  • Prevalence Data Clean Up - In Progress
    • Continuing to work on the Prevalence clean up that would affect an of the extracts
  • Calcimimetics Research - Wrapping Up and Design will begin 4/11
    • Michael worked with Haley on HCD and got her the fields
    • Michael will be OOO part of next week (Thursday and Friday)
    • Ready to start working the week of 4/11
      • work on what we're planning
      • what fields
      • screens
      • XSD
      • documentation
      • how to send electronically
    • Michael asked if Vlad and Nathan heard whether they can or cannot share
      • Vlad is OOO this week
      • Nathan received the second round of data last night and he still has to review and get it over to legal
  • Patient Demographic Data Clean Up - Wrapping Up
    • This is different than Prevalence
    • Everything Michael has been replacing for social for MBI, Yvette's team did release that and he did a big clean up last Sunday and will watch this Sunday and next week to make sure the numbers are going down
    • There are a couple of extra things Michael wants to do to replace.  He has been doing county, social, MBI and removing duplicate Medicare status' so they can be edited, replacing dates of death that were stripped away for patients that don't have a 2746 that have been submitted
    • They are also looking at race, ethnicity, other fields they can get from audit
    • Those scripts are being developed so they can be replaced as well now that the stripping away has stopped
  • 2744s and Patient Data
    • Reminder that 2744 season is here
    • It will be going into May
    • Michael and team are here to help
    • If it's urgent let Michael know
EDI Submitter's Progress (upcoming feature development)EDIs


  • Nathan wanted to get some context on the removal of attestations electronically
    • Because attestations are closed for the year, to Nathan it's not a priority
    • As long as it is there by the end of the year or next attestation season when they would need it
      • Question from Scott to Michael/Yvette - Do we already have that as planned or do we need to add something to the backlog?
      • Per Yvette they do have it as planned work in PI18
    • Second, Nathan feels it would be great just to remove attestations all together
  • DaVita has seen a number of times issues where the response files are truncated; they are not getting the full response file back.  What is causing this?
    • Yvette has not heard of this issue and request Sarah to send a few examples
    • Sarah Filling mentioned there was a ticket that Zach Cohen opened then reopened earlier this week
    • Sarah will send the ticket number in the chat  - CS1588904
      • Per Yvette and Michael - they looked at the feedback file and they do not see any issues; they requested that Sarah share with them specifically what's missing so they can look further into it 


  • Last week's issues that Kathleen had were resolved by Michael
  • Per Scott, he spoke to Shamim and there is more to come on how we can prevent that issue from happening in the future


  • Not available


  • Howard expressed his concern about the QIPs given they have many files that didn't make it before the 2021 data submission closure
  • No one got back to Howard regarding his request for an extension because of all the system issues the EDIs faced in the past several weeks; he found it disappointing it fell on deaf ears
  • How are the specs coming along on the vaccine and depression (IDP)?
    • Howard has mentioned to their developers, changes are coming and the specs are coming in the next several weeks
      • Per Scott - For Identified Depressed Patients, we are currently on hold; we're waiting on additional guidance from the Program regarding that release or additional changes and answers to those questions
      • Admission in Support of Transplant is similar, we had a session with Nathan earlier this week were we captured a lot of the questions from him and from the EDIs.  The Program is working through that
      • Once responses are available, they will be shared with the group
      • Vaccinations - Per Yvette, we are still on track to deliver all of the documentation the EDIs need by 4/15
      • Howard characterizes vaccines as a significant change b/c its all new XML, etc. He doesn't have a sense yet for how easy or hard that will be
      • He has started some discussions with people on what he suspects will come out of the Calcimimetics, PTH and if they fit that into the clinical like they do other lab reporting, he believes that one won't be as difficult as he is envisioning vaccines will be because that will require a lot of discussion
      • Can't just look at the happy path, have to look at all the various permutations; that will be he challenge, how the business rules and back end actually works
      • Per Scott - as far as the timing, we still have those open-ended.  Scott shared a high level, just months that we talked about when Lisa was out of the office, the EDIs mentioned June/July
      • The schedule has not been cemented based on the June/July months
      • Scott is asking the EDIs to keep them posted as that timeline evolves, knowing they are still waiting to get the files to be able to give a more refined answer
        • Question from Howard - July, for what?
          • Per Scott - That the EDIs would potentially begin submitting vaccinations module data
          • Per Howard - that is optimistic given they have not seen specs
          • RHA will be able to get to Scott in May if they get it 4/15
          • They will need about 2 weeks to digest/review the specs and provide a level of effort
          • For the record, Howard the EDIs have mentioned that any sort of major change like he envisioned the vaccine module to be could be a 6 months development for them 
          • Howard mentions that June/July is optimistic and it should be revisited by the Program; he does not want to set expectations
          • Scott pointed out that most of the data they are submitting is already part of vaccination that's in clinical
          • The data guide was provided and from how they built that you know back last month
          • The fields on there so hoping to see those same fields on the XSD
          • Early information sharing was done also
          • Per Howard, they appreciate the information shared so far, but it is still not enough for developers to react too
          • Once 4/12 arrive, we will start talking about test cases, successes, failures, any bugs or anything we need to work through can be discussed in this call
          • Per Revathy, June/July is a tall order; it is a new interface for the EDIs that needs to be built and tested
          • When will it be ready in Pre Prod?
            • It will be ready 4/15 for all three vaccinations
            • Howard pointed out, EQRS will be ready in Pre Prod; EDIs will get the spec and it is likely they will come back to EQRS and identify issues that will require changes to the XSDs or business logic, etc
            • What is delivered on 4/15 probably is not the final product
            • Per Scott, this time we used HCD to perform research and the early engagement and asked the questions and involved the community before we wrote the code
            • Revathy is concerned about a June/July date, they are definitely not resourced to turn it around that quick
            • Scott pointed out the June/July came from the EDIs
            • Howard mentioned it did not come from him because he has been telling Scott the same thing all along that this is a 6 month type of development
            • Scott mentioned this was asked in one of our earlier Friday meetings, right now the date is blank on our schedule and June/July is not final
            • There is no QIA written around that
            • Scott hears the concerns and understands the battle scars of the past
            • Nathan did provide clarity that yes, June/July did come from the EDIs and there was flexibility there, it's just testing
            • Nathan's concern is the Program, there are outstanding questions to the Program and getting responses to the questions in a timely manner is lacking, for example, how is the data going to be migrated?
              • Originally told only data from a year back was going to be migrated but we know some of these vaccines are 5+ year gaps or more
              • Per Scott and Yvette - the initial requirements have not changed
              • Part one: If you had a facility user that logged into the U of EQRS and after this data migration happens they looked up a patient, they would see the most recent vaccination record under a patient's history
              • The most recent record would be migrated
              • For back end data consumption, what the NCC does, they would see all data, because the migration applies to what users see in the user interface
              • The NCC and subsequently the data reporting that they can do for the ESRD networks, they should still be able to see the full history
              • Question from Janet - Full history of vaccination data will be "there".  Does "there" mean in the new vaccination tables or are you referring to it will still exist in the old clinical tables?
                • Per Yvette - in the clinical tables
                • Per Janet - it won't be "there", it will be where it always was
              • Part two: There will be an enhancement feature following this initial requirement where we will look at the use case were you have patients with multi dose vaccines that span multiple years so that we can display that in the user interface for facility users
              • More details to come but a feature will be built to allow a facility user to look up a patient and find their full vaccination history
              • Question from Howard - Has a decision been made on what will happen to the existing XML vaccines? One day one are we going to reject that data with an error if it's included on the clinical not in the vaccine module?
                • Per Scott, yes, it will be a cutover, prod deployment will be a handshake between EDI submitters and CMS so we turn on when the EDIs are ready
                • Howard request to make sure it is clear in the clinical XSD to show that new one were the vaccines are not in there any longer
              • Question from Nathan - Phase one -  If he had a pneumococcal vaccine in 2018 and that's his most recent one, it will still be displayed in the UI even through it's 4 years old?
                • Yes, that is the record that will be transformed to the new module because its the most recent and the latest information we have for the patient
              • Phase two - If there's other historical data that's pertinent, that would be folded into the user interface
                • Per Yvette, she cannot talk about a future yet b/c they haven't even started having any conversations yet or gathered any of the requirements; but in some form you would be able to see historical data from the user interface
              • Kathleen has a concern around the reporting. It would be prudent for someone to start thinking about reporting, reports, data extracts that the EDIs can use so they know what to report
              • Question from Nathan -  Will the state of transformation occur in Pre Prod or will it be a blank Pre Prod that will consume new data?
                • Per Yvette - Pre Prod is probably going to just consume new data initially until we do the first migration; EDIs will have a version of Pre Prod that is empty, then at some point they will have a version of Pre Prod that has the most recent record visible in the user interface
                • The timing of when the Pre Prod version has the most recent record available, is that at the same time it goes live in production or is it that before its even in production?
                  • Per Yvette - before its in production
              • Regarding the reporting requirement - Scott definitely encourages the EDIs to continue the conversation through the Program Working Group meeting

Action Items:

EQRS Vaccination Timeline Schedule





Distribute the Vaccination Data Guide



Distribute the Data Dictionary/XSDs/Errors and Warnings


EDSM Vaccinations deployed in Prod-Preview environment

Prod-Preview environment data refresh

EDIs perform integration testing

EDI Readiness Verification

Prod Deployment

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