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Meeting RecordingArnie

This session will be recorded for the purpose of documenting the meeting minutes and action items. If there are any objections to the recording of this session, please make it known now. Absence of an objection to the meeting being recorded will count as consent to recording this meeting. Passcode: $ayvQ2FV 

Error Trends and more..Michael

2021 Data Submission Error Trend report status

    • Michael will send the out today, the error trend report
    • He is currently updating the actual causes

Recording for this discussion: 2:16 - 29:30

  • Clinical Compliance
    • Clinical Compliance numbers are looking a lot better
    • Howard pointed out he received an email from a user that they are blocked and can't get their data in b/c of the 3 issues encountered in the past week
    • Howard is requesting for CMS to give the EDIs another extension
    • NRAA (RHA) has a much broader community to deal with
  • Clinical Data Clean Up
    • All the major data clean up issues discussed in previous meetings have been cleaned up
    • There are a couple of little issues that need to be cleaned up
  • Prevalence Data Quality
    • Michael met with the data managers to discuss when validations were off between November 2020 and July 2021; when we were more focused on 2020 2744s and some of those duplicate new starts or multiple open admit or overlapping admission dates, Michael is helping the data managers in cleaning them up
    • Before Michael sends out the extracts, he wants to make sure the data is cleaned up 
    • Howard completed their facility level analysis on the variances and will send to Michael
  • County validations are erroring with error codes 14033, 14032, and/or 14031 in the feedback file - Update?
    •  Dev and the documentation were misaligned 
    • County went out as an error and not a warning
    • Fix was deployed Thursday evening (3/24)
  • Change Org
    • What was the issue? If you had a login and it gave you multiple orgs under EQRS and QIP and you were going between the apps and into the orgs, the timing of that was giving an error periodically or if not showing that as an error was not always changing the org and it caused multiple issues; ended up being change org
    • The system would give an change org error
    • The issue has been fixed; the org is being changed correctly
    • The root cause of the issue was due to a timing out issue and refreshing of the screen
  • Error 400 - NRAA
    • Michael is in the process of fixing
    • There was a deployment last night (3/24) which deployed the org micro service and it had updates that EQRS has been waiting to deploy since February
    • It did not have an impact on DaVita, FKC and DCI; did impact NRAA
    • The NRAA mappings are lowercase nraa and then some numbers
    • All of the facilities that were affected by this today, were impacted by a patch that caused it NOT to be uppercase 
    • All of the mappings were there and correct but they were getting 400s as if they were not mapped at all, b/c it was looking for an uppercase
    • The issue has been fixed, going through test at this time and will be deployed to Production ASAP
    • Planning for a deployment at 4pm and does not require downtime or the need for EDIs to stop anything
    • Howard pointed out this is another blocker and why they need another extension
  • PTH
    • Michael has had internal meetings to discuss what fields to reuse, what EQRS can do and HCD stuff with Haley
    • Michael will start meeting next week to start showing the EDs what they plan and will also get them documentation for the XML, XSD, an example and wireframes of screens to get their input 
    • It will be going under mineral metabolism
    • Nathan and Vlad are going to look into what DaVita and DCI can do internally and legally
    • Nathan received their internal data 3/24 and will look at it on Monday and then it still has to go to legal
    • Vlad has prepared the data and it looks like there is no objection but they want to look at the data first
    • Vlad will be out of the office next week
    • The meetings may be moved to the following week that Vlad is back
    • Kathleen does not have an update for FKC
EDI Submitter's Progress (upcoming feature development)EDIs


    • Vaccination file questions:
      • Do we have an idea when a testing window will be set or what that testing window date range will be?
        • Per Scott the date for testing will be 4/15
        • The technical documentation will be ready 4/12 and then EQRS will open the prod preview environment for testing to begin on 4/15; currently no end date for testing
        • Per Howard, NRAA will not be ready in 3 days
      • During the testing window, will prod preview also include the new structure for hemo and PD labs without the vaccination tags? 
        • Per Yvette, yes it will
        • Nathan asked - So as of 4/15 if the EDIs are testing something with hemo and PD, they would get the same error if they keep vaccinations in there?
          • Yvette could not confirm right now because EQRS ADO is still in the process but basically they are trying to make it optional, so that if, by mistake they send that information, your record will still process but EQRS will ignore that data after you know vaccination is turned on
          • Howard suggest that during designing, EQRS consider throwing a warning so they can track those down and get them out
          • They need to be able to track that when they're still putting the vaccination data in the clinical XML
        • Scott asked Nathan when they plan on doing telemedicine testing?
          • Per Nathan, he does not have an exact date but it would probably be in the late April timeframe
          • Per Scott, that is fine, b/c EQRS plans on doing a data refresh again and wants to do the refresh before DaVita starts their telemedicine testing
          • Scott will suggest to the team to start a regular cadence going forward such as weekly refresh or bi-weekly refresh
          • Howard also suggest adding a segment/agenda item to the EDI Touchpoint Status agenda for Testing Results
          • Howard request for Yvette's documentation be explicit in calling out the change to the clinical XML to expunge the vaccination data that's currently in there so the EDI developers can see that change as well as the new stuff coming with vaccination
      • Michael received a helpdesk ticket from Chris and was asking if it was possible to send more than one treatment in the same patient file for the same patient to add a couple of treatments at once?
        • Per Michael, it is technically possible and will let Chris know "yes" to his question
        • He suggest for Nathan to tell Chris to be careful sending it like that b/c of the way it will be mapped


  • Kathleen is working on the 2744s for their clinics; she is aware of what she can and can't do in the system
  • When she opens a ticket, she gets a resolution back telling her to do something that she knows she can't do
  • When she sending a follow up, the helpdesk agent tells her, "yes you can" but Kathleen knows she can't
  • Kathleen asked if there is away to close the knowledge gap between what a single UI user can and can't do in the system?
    • Per Scott, he would like Kathleen to send him some case numbers so he can escalate and discuss with Shamim and work with the leadership at the helpdesk to determine if this is an individual issue or a training issue
    • Scott agreed to loop in Michael to help Kathleen get the data cleaned up if she if not getting the proper resolution from the helpdesk
  • Revathy mentioned they did resubmit the data that had the county issue prior to the fix.  The county errors were gone but they saw that they were converted to warnings
    • Is there a plan to make it a hard error and how did it happen?
      • Per Yvette, it will not be converted back to an error
      • The county will stay a warning
      • What happened? During the phases we went through with the validations; the first phase changed it to an error but apparently that code was not deployed and when the repos were deployed (last week or week before), that code that made county an error was put into production 
      • Revathy pointed out there is a zip to county look up that exists so she was wondering why they have to send it in?
        • Per Scott, a solution/answer is coming.  It is currently on the backlog and hope to add it in any areas where addresses are captured
        • This is for the patient county not the facility county


    • Vlad commented on the proposals about testing
      • If you do smaller releases, you can pick a couple files from each submitter before releasing in test environment rather than after the release and see if you have different scenarios
      • Michael and Yvette are already discussing on enhancing the testing process as they do deployments


  • Howard/RHA request consideration for another 2021 Data Submission deadline extension and to have the request escalated to CMS/management
  • The errors they have been experiencing and blockers have hit them pretty hard
  • NRAA is now called RHA and represent a number of independents which are the folks keying the data in and their completion is not good
  • Kelly would like to know what deployments are scheduled for next Tuesday 3/29 and Thursday 3/31 b/c she is getting nervous of deployments right before the closing because the recent deployments have been rough. She does not want any unintended consequences to happen
  • Is there a deployment freeze scheduled for next week?
    • Scott checked and at this time there are no deployments scheduled but that doesn't mean there wasn't a deployment pending.  He will find out
    • Howard suggest more broad based regression testing be done on both the EDSM side and development EQRS in terms of code quality and CI/CD pipelines
  • Date format for clinical update
    • Kelly sent an email regarding one of their facilities asking about date formats in the clinical XML files and compared an old version they had and the version on the EDI public facing confluence page
      • Per Yvette, the clinical CPS XSD that is on the public facing confluence page is correct
      • There was an incorrect version of the Crown Global XSD which defines the date so Yvette made that change earlier today
      • Yvette has removed the old version from the public facing confluence page and put the latest version out there
      • It can be found under the Documentation Repository; the Global one is under the Miscellaneous section
      • Documentation Repository - EQRS Communications Hub - HCQIS Confluence (

Action Items:

EQRS Vaccination Timeline Schedule





Distribute the Vaccination Data Guide



Distribute the Data Dictionary/XSDs/Errors and Warnings


EDSM Vaccinations deployed in Prod-Preview environment

Prod-Preview environment data refresh

EDIs perform integration testing

EDI Readiness Verification

Prod Deployment

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