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Meeting RecordingArnie

This session will be recorded for the purpose of documenting the meeting minutes and action items. If there are any objections to the recording of this session, please make it known now. Absence of an objection to the meeting being recorded will count as consent to recording this meeting 

https://us06web.zoom.us/rec/share/VOIn1wHe9LuxrXXJ9OhZEYC9XO4T0KctoYmWmf8yQXUwTxJ17Oh3EN0P9HEi560R.TrBegMt0fzc9u1sb Passcode: q64xUzi?  

Open Forum



 Vaccinations: Recording for this discussion: 00:18 - 3:35

  • Where does the migration of the data for vaccinations stand? There is a concern about the ability to see and the impact on the network projects around completeness of a series that are years apart.
    • Lisa will reach out to Yvette to discuss and get back to Nathan 

Telemedicine:  Recording for this discussion: 30:51 - 31:29

  • Is this only for patients on home modality?
  • Lisa will send a response on 03/23/22 and they'll be in the meeting minutes
    • Telemedicine is only for home patients

Parathyroid (PTH): Any update: Recording for this discussion: 31:46 - 33:24

  • MK update: met internally & will set up meetings with all EDIs to go through screens as early as middle of next week
  • Meetings will include going through the XML and screens

Dialysis in support of transplant: Recording for this discussion: 33:33 - 34:15

  • How will various situations be handled?
  • Example: Are we expected to enter a pre-emptive transplant and if so, would it be New to ESRD and not trigger a 2728?
  • Lisa will get back to the EDIs

Dialysis in Support of a Transplant: Recording for this discussion: 34:25 - 37:16

  • Will a new discharge reason be added for Dialysis in Support of a Transplant?
  • We need a separate discharge reason for Dialysis in Support of Transplant because otherwise we may lose the event of dialysis in support of  the transplant, and we thought CMS wanted that as its own event. None of the existing discharge reasons work if a patient stays at the same center
  • Lisa update: this is already being discussed with the ADO

Many changes coming to the system: Recording for this discussion: 37:22 - 41:38 

  • What is the priority? (vaccinations, PTH, Dialysis in Support of Transplant, Depressed Patients)
  • Lisa asked for the EDIs timeframe for phasing each one in.
  • Nathan responded they are different sizes; "what's the more priority is going to take longer.
  • Lisa will confer with one other person and get back to the EDIs.

Depression: Recording for this discussion: 42:06 - 58:49

  • There is some discomfort with adding cognitive screening.
  • Clarified that CMS is not prescribing a tool.
  • CMS is only asking if the patient was screened and if so, was cognitive decline identified? They are simple yes/no questions.
  • We as a group don't know where Identify Depressed Patients stands. There is strong concern from the industry about the invasiveness of the questions proposed. Can we revisit this?
    • Lisa mentioned we can set aside some time to discuss this.
  • DCI clinics don't currently do cognitive screening. This would be a new process. We need details (frequency etc.). Social worker does depression screening at least annually but not cognitive screening. What is the benefit of adding it. Adding it is a large undertaking. (Nathan says this is a years-long, multi-million dollar process to add this systematically and to train clinics.)
    • Lisa mentioned cognitive ability is a basic component that leadership believes is extremely important;  CMS relies on this data  to structure & evaluate projects. Will become more important in coming years. 
  • If we add this now and a future project wants more details than the yes/no question we're asking now, can you tell us what future projects may be?
    • Lisa mentioned can't provide that information now.
  • Can we get the most up-to-date list of the depression/cognitive decline questions that will be asked?
    • Lisa mentioned we can set up a session to discuss this.



Influenza: Recording for this discussion: 3:41 - 7:05

  • When EQRS is asking for documentation of flu vaccine, but patient cannot provide it, the clinic enters the vaccine as self-reported, This disables the date field(s). Apparently this is required; DCI has 500~ patients with an issue with this.  
  • It is not an issue with the months, it's a issue with the wording "documentation available"
  • What is CMS' definition of "documentation available"?
  • For self reported, Lisa will go back and look at it in the UI

Issue with Releases: Recording for this discussion: 7:31 - 11:18

  • DCI has an requirement that new admissions being submitted within in 5 days.
  • Now have a situation were for more than 5 days, DCI cannot submit anything. Any submissions done during this time would fail b/c it's not within 5 days.
  • Lisa talked to NCC (Dianna) and asked her to set up a flag in the data so everyone knows there was an issue; Lisa needs to figure out how the NCC gets notified if there is an issue 

DCI Users not able to perform certain features: Recording for this discussion: 11:23 - 23:30

  • Complaint from expert DCI users - they are no longer able to do things in EQRS that they were able to do before.  They can no longer delete treatment records.  They were able to do it in the CrownWeb UI but not in EQRS.  Why is this happening?
  • Lisa asked Vlad to write it up and take back
  • Michael received the helpdesk ticket about it. Per Michael, they submitted that treatment during a timeframe that has clinical and you can't delete treatments that may have clinical associated with them or it may also be a change of the data structure; Michael asked Vlad to send him an example and he will look into it.
  • Question from Leah - If clinical data is submitted, if they send in an in center hemo treatment over, but the patient had PD clinical data, does it just look to see if there's any clinical data or does it tie it to a collection type?
    • Per Michael it's not collection type its date based

A feature used to be available but no longer available to the user: Recording for this discussion: 23:41 - 25:30

  • In CrownWeb a notification would be sent when patient died.  This notification no longer is available in EQRS.  Why not?
  • Lisa said this could be potentially an enhancement; Lisa will look into it

User is not able to delete an admission that was entered in error: Recording for this discussion: 25:34 - 30:35

  • Sometimes they enter an admission as a new ESRD admission, then they realize the patient is actually an API.  This is due to miscommunication.
  • They are unable to delete the admission that was entered in error
  • It also causes the patient to be listed as a patient with missing clinical data for a specific month
  • Lisa said she has to think about it and discuss internally. She will get back to Vlad


  • Not available 

Next meeting scheduled for  

4/6 - Meeting will be cancelled b/c EQRS has their PI18 planning session

Action Items:

  • Todd requested that Nathan send the concerns surrounding the HCP Flu reporting to NHSN to him; Todd will be meeting with the CDC on Friday, 2/25 (Nathan)
  • Todd has the vaccination questions and will review with Porsche.  Feedback will be provided at the next Program Working Group meeting, 3/9 (Porsche/Todd)

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