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Meeting RecordingArnie

This session will be recorded for the purpose of documenting the meeting minutes and action items. If there are any objections to the recording of this session, please make it known now. Absence of an objection to the meeting being recorded will count as consent to recording this meeting. Passcode: 4l@6RfM6 

Patient Feedback FileScott

Patient Feedback File 2/10 issue update

  • Root cause is still under investigation
  • More will be reported as the team working on it learns more
  • EDIs will be receiving messaging on what files will need to be resubmitted to correct some of the issues found
  • Even if an EDI received a success message that the file was processed on a submitted file, that file may need to be resubmitted
  • What level of detail will CMS/EQRS be able to tell the EDIs which files were impacted or need to be reprocessed? 
    • The plan is to provide the EDIs with a list of file names and org pad ids that were affected in those files
    • The EDIs will also be provided any additional information necessary to determine which files and patients need to be reprocessed
  • Are files bound by a timeframe in which they were corrupted?
    • CMS/EQRS team will provide the timeframe as well to help determine which files need to be reprocessed
  • Per Scott, it will take some time to put the lists together for each of the EDIs; hopefully the lists will be ready on Monday
  • While waiting on the lists, any new submissions will process normally
  • Will the compliance report that the EDIs receive on Mondays from the NCC be accurate?
    • The compliance report looks at clinical data in redshift (as if the Saturday update) and determines whether or not a peritoneal or hemodialysis or vascular access data records should have been submitted for that patient for each clinical periods the patient was receiving care at a particular dialysis facility.  If there is something there, it will be submitted.  If there is nothing there, then it sees as missing.  If there is something there but it hasn't been submitted it's in a saved status
    • Therefore, the compliance report should be accurate (for an example listen to recording 12:29 - 14:42) 
2021 Data Submission InformationDianna/Janet

Where do you stand?



Error TrendsMichael

Error Trends Update 

Recording for this discussion: 19:04 - 25:25

  • Michael started pulling the top 10 error codes for each EDI
  • They are grouped by types of issues
  • Michael started breaking them down into the errors you're getting with those counts as well as the type of issue it is and what your next step would be
  • Michael will start sending the report to the EDIs with week
  • Melissa Fieldhouse will be copied for the instructions and the groupings, etc. For example defines the error code, type of error and next steps to resolve the error
EDI Submitter's Progress (upcoming feature development)EDIs


    • Nathan submitted a ticket a few hours before the meeting - they have had examples were clinicians have done manual entry and then the data isn't there when they go back in the next week to do the next month of data
    • The data is blanked out like it was never entered
    • Multiple users, familiar with the EQRS system have reported this issue
    • They have looked at their submissions and for some of the patients, they have not even included them in their submissions so they don't think it's a batch issue
    • This issue is not just specific to this week
    • Per Howard, NRAA has seen the same exact thing
    • Michael is researching it at this time; he will look to see if has to do with the clean up of duplicate records


    • ICH CAHPS Attestation reporting update
      • Michael will help with the ICH CAHPS Attestation reporting once the period closes
      • The attestation deadline is March 1, is attestation and depression data being considered in the extension as well for clinical data?
        • Per Todd, no comment at this time, this will be taken back to the group
        • Kathleen noted that if ICH CAHPS Attestations in the extension, it would be beneficial to receive it sooner than later, so they can ensure before the March 1 deadline they correct any attestations that were submitted by mistake
        • Howard has assumed it is part of the extension NRAA is not separating out different types of files for the extension
        • Possible theory is that it was manually entered then followed by a batch process on some of the data and some of the data may had been wiped out
        • Michael will get them the report next week


    • They received the transplant waitlist report and compared to previous months, they have 200 extra records on the report
      • Vlad expected to see more records than the 200 records
      • Was matching for the transplant waiting list actually implemented and do we know what is the difference it made in terms of number of records included in the reports for all submitters together?
        • Per Michael, Yes and No,  the matching was run, received an extra 95,000 patients nationally, but that's for all time, not just for what is prevalent, that was for everything
        • Michael has not performed analysis on how many more DCI should have b/c they only process what UNOS sends them
        • Vlad will send Michael some examples from the clinics


    • Question was raised.  What is the status of the extension?
      • CMS/EQRS indicated they are not prepared to discuss at this time
      • Per Todd, the extension discussion and decision needs to go to leadership
      • A decision point has not been rendered yet; more information will be coming soon
      • Per Howard, this is frustrating and they have been raising this issue about getting these file done since last November
      • They have people "freaking out" in the field and working weekends
      • Per Todd, they are taking this seriously and need to work with their leadership. They have to do their due diligence on their side
      • At this time it is being reviewed and CMS/EQRS will render a decision and get back to the EDIs
      • There is no date at this time when a decision will be made and shared with the EDIs
      • The will be decision very soon
    • Howard commented that he is listening to all the conversations today from the EDIs and these are fairly complex issues
      • Leads him to a broader thought that what is going to happen when we crank out QIP data based on this data set in a few months?
        • Recommends CMS/EQRS folks on the call should be talking to leadership at CMS 
        • The quality of QIP data needs to be put on the agenda to discuss testing and comparing the QIP data
        • Despite the hard work of a lot of good people (for example, Michael) the quality of the QIP data is concerning
        • Nathan agreed with Howard, testing and quality of the data should take place
        • Per Scott, this feedback will be shared with the appropriate CMS folks

Action Items:

  • DaVita and FKC would like Scott to send examples of CMS role requests so they can reach out to their communities and determine the root cause of the request Scott Laughlin  
  • Kathleen request an update on the ICH CAHPS Attestation report.  Todd will follow up with Dianna and get back to the group (Todd Johnson)
  • Request from Chris - display/capture EQRS rule updates or "hot-fix"/non major release dates that can be shared with the EDI Submitters that may impact their ability to correct/update patient data
    • Scott will research a way to be able to identify a feature that a rule update or "hot-fix" impacts, so the EDI Submitters are aware of the change Scott Laughlin
  • Scott will discuss revisiting the DaVita effective date and date of death issue with Lisa Scott Laughlin
    • Scott will provide a response to Nathan (1/14/22) 

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