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Meeting RecordingArnie

This session will be recorded for the purpose of documenting the meeting minutes and action items. If there are any objections to the recording of this session, please make it known now. Absence of an objection to the meeting being recorded will count as consent to recording this meeting. Passcode: v3&+!U1H 

CCSQ Support Central PortalScott/HCD team/Ventech Danita

CCSQ Support Central Portal Demo


Can the system include multiple email addresses? Is there any ability to add another email in the original creation of the ticket? It would be useful if the user could also include other people in the communications loop. This will allow the other EDIs to be aware of the issue.

    • No, the system can only accept 1 submitter through the public portal
    • Erin will take this question back and discuss with her team
    • Recommendation to create a generic or shared mailbox and have an "optional or secondary" email field

Will the submitter be notified and given an opportunity to agree BEFORE a ticket is closed?

    • The submitter will be notified through email
    • Currently, once the case is resolved, the submitter has the opportunity to indicate Yes, their case was resolved or No, it wasn't and they can reply to the email by clicking the No button and indicate what the issue is or why they believe it is not resolved
    • In the future, they will be adding something to the ticket information page where they can say No, my case is not closed or if they would like to add more information

When you search for all tickets, can you search on a specific status such as closed or open tickets?

    • Yes, when you search for all tickets, the user will be led to the ticket information screen which will have a table of all your tickets on there.  There are columns in the table that will allow the user to filter the information

How do you reopen a closed ticket?

    • You cannot reopen a closed ticket.  You can only send another request asking for more information by creating a new ticket and reference the old case that was closed.
    • If the case is still in resolved state, you can reply to that resolved email 
    • You cannot go into the actual tickets that has already been closed and make any updates or provide new information
    • In the future, when the comment section is added, the user will be able to make a comment

If a ticket is closed and a new ticket is opened, is the submitter of the new ticket required to find the old (closed) ticket number and reference it in the new ticket in order to link the two tickets?

    • Yes, Resolved state is an intermediate safety net
    • Gives the submitter of the ticket a chance to review it
    • If there is no response back to the resolved ticket, it will be closed assuming it is resolved instead of going straight to a closed state
    • The Service Center will be able to also see past tickets so an agent can find the closed (old) ticket and link it to the new ticket
    • Recommendation to be able to link the old and new ticket automatically

NRAA has a support ticket system for their customers.  It is set up to go to the then someone at QualityNet takes the ticket and puts it into the system.  Is that process still how it's going to work?

    • Per Scott - The CCSQ Support Central is jus showing the data that is in ServiceNow.  It provides the user a different way to interact with the system
    • The email address currently being used,, can still be used; the phone number that is used today still exists and still available

Is there a way for the NRAA team to go into the "front door" (CCSQ Support Central) and query on all the tickets being worked on? NRAA does not know when tickets submitted by their customers are being worked on. They are kept out of the loop.

    • The status of the ticket entered by the NRAA customer will route back to the email address that is the point of contact on the ticket
    • Howard and Kelly will discuss offline on a way to be able to get access to the tickets; possibly submit the ticket under a single generic email address  

When the capability to add comments through the portal is added, If a person that's not the person who opened the ticket adds a comment, will that comment still come to the individual that submitted the original ticket or it can only be seen in portal?

    • When there are updates to a case, there is an email sent out; the emails are not going away 

Any timeline on the when the comments feature will be added?

    • Per Erin, planning to be done by the end of March, 2022

Recommend to be able to pull all of the tickets periodically that go into the ESRD program.  

    • Ability to look at the tickets as a community
    • Look for common themes, etc
    • Jay Vancil will need to look into this capability

When does the CCSQ Support Center portal go live?

    • It is live today

The CCSQ Support Central link has been added to the footer of the EQRS where the contact helpdesk link is. When you click on it, the CCSQ Support Central link will be available

EDI Submitter's Progress (upcoming feature development)EDIs

Action Item follow up:

  • The Identify Depressed Patients (IDP) questions and suggestions have been documented.  They are still being worked on by Lisa and leadership


  • Are there any release planned the EDIs may need to look out for?
    • Per Yvette, the team is working on a fix for an issue that was reported were the patients last name is actually "Null".  It was causing an issue.  If all goes well, the fix may be deployed into production Tuesday, 12/21
    • Per Michael, he does not have any plans for a release that would impact the EDIs in the way they submit something; XSDs, XMLS, they way they are stored or anything like that


  • Thanks to Yvette for putting the vaccination examples on the confluence page
  • The example provided for pneumococcal not received - the expectation was that it would reflect similar to how they report today; you would want to know which sub type of pneumococcal was not received.
  • By the example, it seems to just be pneumococcal not received and there is an assumption that it was both of them
  • Yvette will take a look at the example file again


  • No updates at this time


  • Howard wanted to remind the group of the question he has regarding the percent complete for 2021. We are running up close to the closure quickly and looking at the NRAA numbers, there is concern in being able to get it all done
    • Per Scott, a workspace is drafted for that reporting on the public space.  Lisa is asking the NCC to provide reporting of the number of clinical submissions that are still remaining for both EDIs and independent facilities
    • Michael K. is still working on an error report

Action Items:

  • Request from Chris - display/capture EQRS rule updates or "hot-fix"/non major release dates that can be shared with the EDI Submitters that may impact their ability to correct/update patient data
    • Scott will research a way to be able to identify a feature that a rule update or "hot-fix" impacts, so the EDI Submitters are aware of the change Scott Laughlin
  • Question from Nathan - With the turn of year, it's also time for annual attestations
    • As part of the process the EDIs usually gets a weekly report of the status of the ICHCAPS attestations
    • This report has come from different contracting groups
    • Per Janet Lea Hutchinson - this is not something the NCC has provided
    • Per Scott - we will need to get back to Nathan on this Scott Laughlin
  • Request from Yvette to Nathan and Vlad to send an email to Lisa with what the proper wording should be for the questions they brought attention to in the meeting.  It will need to be approved by the program before Yvette can make any changes to the verbiage (Nathan and Vlad)
  • Scott will discuss revisiting the DaVita effective date and date of death issue with Lisa Scott Laughlin 

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