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Meeting RecordingArnie

This session will be recorded for the purpose of documenting the meeting minutes and action items. If there are any objections to the recording of this session, please make it known now. Absence of an objection to the meeting being recorded will count as consent to recording this meeting.

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Production SupportScott/Shamim

Production Support Process and CCSQ Support Central Video

LDO E-mail Process.vsdx

  • Next couple of weeks the theme will be production support processes, process improvement
  • Shamim Almamun - leads the production support across both contracts for EQRS
  • Next Friday we will have a demo on the new CCSQ Support Central portal
    • This will be a new way that EDIs (any customer of EQRS) can interact with the service center 
  • Diagram shows more about the production support improvement process CMS is working on between both EDIs and CMS
  • CCSQ Support Central is more technology related
  • It will be a web application provided by ServiceNow that the EDIs may enter a ticket and not require authentication with HARP or a ServiceNow role
  • This will be a better avenue to communicate issues encountered
    • There are have been instances where issues are sent via email and then an incident case/ticket has been created, but then the subject line of that ticket has been changed when a response is being sent contributing to miscommunication and confusion on the status of an issue
  • Recommendation from Howard - Need to have a clear priority or escalation procedure
    • Need to be able to escalate an issue to senior leadership/management 
    • An informal process were the EDIs may not need to jump through a lot of hoops of logging into a portal in order to get a significant serious issue resolved/addresses; should be quick and easy
    • Question from Shamim - Every time something needs to be escalated (for example Curt or Scott) do you want them to reply back to you or is it just to escalate so it becomes a higher priority?
      • Per Howard - its on a case by case basis.  Sometimes it needed to be escalated because the issue is a serious matter that needed to be brought to CMS' attention and sometimes its necessary for a reply
      • Per Shamim - currently if the issue is urgent, enter "Urgent" in the subject line of the email and it will follow an escalation process; the helpdesk will talk directly to the appropriate person to get feedback and reply back to the person sending the email
      • If it is not urgent, it will follow the regular process; per the SLA, the email with the issue needs to be read by the helpdesk
      • Ticket needs to be created and worked on and ask any questions needed to understand the issue
  • Question from Kelly - The support process will end up being a consolidation (EQRS support and CMS QualityNet)? The goal is to have one helpdesk?
    • Per Shamim -  We already have one helpdesk, the helpdesk is not changing
    • Currently the helpdesk receives tickets two ways - by a call in and by email
    • Now with the new process, a person can submit a ticket themselves using the CCSQ Support Central portal
    • You will be able to search for your ticket and see the status of the ticket
    • Per Kelly, they were told to send issues to two different emails - QualityNet support at EQRS and Quality Support at CMS
      • Is there only going to be one email now?
        • Shamim is not aware of the two email addresses
        • Per Scott - If an EDI person is sending out the issue they are sending to the email address; the email handler is replying back to the EDI person with the case number using a different email address which is from the CMS support
        • Not sure why the EDIs were told to use both email addresses
        • If sending a problem via email use
        • If "" email changes to a ".gov" email, CMS will let the EDIs know
    • Question from Kelly - With the new portal, will the renal healthcare group still be able to use our automated tickets we use with out community? It will be automatically routed to the right email address? Will it still be picked up by this new process?
      • Per Scott - You can still use this email box.  The CCSQ Support Central is an addition, it's not a replacement to anything they we have already today
  • Per Nathan -  Agrees with Howards recommendation regarding the need for an escalation procedure
    • Also finds useful as part of the email process is the/a notification aspect of it
      • If another EDI reports an issue, there should a process to notify all other EDIs b/c they may run into the same issue
      • Can there be a label or an indicator of some kind letting everyone know the issue is a broader industry type of ticket
      • Per Scott - CMS is working on better and more frequent proactive communication when it comes to widespread outages
      • Nathan gave credit to CMS for responding/notifying so quickly regarding the AWS outage to the EDIs.  Appreciated the email that Melissa Fieldhouse sent out.  It was the first notice within 6 hours that Nathan got the CMS email/notification.  The timeliness of the email was on point.  
      • Kelly also agreed and commented it was well done
      • Additional suggest from Howard to maybe have a distribution list of key resources from of the EDIs that email notification can be sent to even if just as an FYI
      • Per Scott, they are working on canned language.  Some communications may or may not need to go through clearance and approvals. Having canned language will help minimize the time it takes for clearance and approval especially when communications need to go out sooner than later to the EDIs
      • Per Shamin he is working with the service center in defining what is a "Known Issue".  This will allow communications to be sent out right away on issues that CMS is already aware of
      • Question from Nathan - Is the CCSQ Support Central portal a "new" portal or is it the same portal that has been around and just updated? There was a portal that was out there for the EDIs to create tickets but that was all they could do.
        • Per Shamim, this is a new portal
        • The CCSQ Support Central Portal is scheduled to be deployed to production 12/10 
        • The user will be able to created tickets, respond and see the work notes entered by either the agent or the ADO that is working the ticket
      • Question from Nathan - when we email, we get the case number that is auto generated. Then there is a process were it converts into an incident number. That conversion time can be 1+ days and sometimes converted to the wrong group.  Will we have to go through this process of have a case number then converted to an incident number with the new portal?
        • Per Shamim - There has been an improvement on this process.  It was established the process of creating a case number and  then converting to an incident number is duplication of effort.  Some of the information was being lost.  Therefore, an incident number will not be created.  There will only be a case number to work off of.
    • Per Kathleen - Will the new process (CCSQ Support Central) generating multiple response emails? She is receiving too many emails.
      • Shamim will work with Kathleen on why the multiple emails (action item)

  • There will be a demo by the HCD team of the new CCSQ Support Central portal next week
  • Question from Howard - In the portal where you enter email, does it accept multiple emails?
    • This question should be asked next week during the demo
  • Question from Nathan -  Is this portal expected to be used by the clinic teammates (for example - they need a patient merge, password reset, etc)?
    • Per Scott, Yes
  • The email address is NOT going away
Test and Feedback Files (XSD, XML, Data Dictionary Updates)Yvette

Latest updates?

  • CMS/ADO added the XSD update for the patient for the feature Admissions in Support of Transplant
  • Added the updated XSD for the Identify Depressed Patients. Note - this is BEFORE production, they will make a non prod page on the documentation repository so they are segregated away from the production files. Keep in mind files could change between today and production
    • The questions and feedback captured at the last meeting by Melissa Fieldhouse will be discussed and reviewed at the next Program Working Group meeting on 12/15
PI Feature UpdatesYvette

Latest updates?

  • Added two new feature pages for Flu Vaccine and Hepatitis B Vaccine to the public facing page

Resources and References - EQRS Communications Hub - HCQIS Confluence (

EDI Submitter's Progress (upcoming feature development)EDIs


  • Nathan was following up on the ability to "follow" the EDI Confluence pages
    • Per Melissa Fieldhouse. there is no update at this time but she will follow up with Atlassian (action item)
      • Per the Atlassian team, "following" a page requires authentication. There is no option for unauthenticated users to access this functionality. There is no option at this time to allow a select group of EDI users to be authenticated


  • FKC is starting the first phase of building vaccination reporting, the development team would like to request to have an example XML for vaccination not received and vaccination date is not available.  They would like examples of the "NOT happy path". (action item: Yvette)
  • There is already a ticket created but they are receiving error code 11357 (Patient last name is required).  FKC does not submit any files without a last name.  Looking at the patients last name, the patients last name is literally "Null".  Would EDSM or EQRS seeing the last name as a null value rather than an actual last name.  
    • Per Yvette, one of the developers is looking into it now. No update at this time




Action Items:

  • Per Kathleen - Will the new process (CCSQ Support Central) generating multiple response emails? She is receiving too many emails.
    • Shamim will work with Kathleen on why the multiple emails Shamim Almamun
  • FKC is starting the first phase of building vaccination reporting, the development team would like to request to have an example XML for vaccination not received and vaccination date is not available.  They would like examples of the "NOT happy path" Yvette Brown 
  • Howard provided a reminder that we need to start on going discussions on where everyone is at with the close of the 2021 submissions 
    • Per Scott, discussed including reporting for independents, as well as EDI number of submissions that are still pending
    • Also an overall error count will be helpful, broad overview of errors
  • Request from Chris - display/capture EQRS rule updates or "hot-fix"/non major release dates that can be shared with the EDI Submitters that may impact their ability to correct/update patient data
    • Scott will research a way to be able to identify a feature that a rule update or "hot-fix" impacts, so the EDI Submitters are aware of the change Scott Laughlin
  • Nathan was following up on the ability to "follow" the EDI Confluence pages
    • Per Melissa Fieldhouse. there is no update at this time but she will follow up with Atlassian Melissa Fieldhouse
  • Question from Nathan - With the turn of year, it's also time for annual attestations
    • As part of the process the EDIs usually get a weekly report of the status of the ICHCAPS attestations
    • This report has come from different contracting groups
    • Per Janet Lea Hutchinson - this is not something the NCC has provided
    • Per Scott - we will need to get back to Nathan on this Scott Laughlin
  • If they were to report "other" as a race, would they not be required to report country of origin or tribe? Do we have to submit a tribe and country, or we don't have to?
  • Chris Brown asked if there is a place on confluence that tracks when things (updates/deployments) go live (for example, a feature page that shows date when something goes live)?
    • Per Scott, we don't track it today but if that will help the group, it will be discussed on the CMS side Scott Laughlin 
  • Confirm the schema/feature release is available in prod preview for testing. It would be helpful to know when something is available for testing and when it has gone to Prod or when they can expect to go to Prod Anitha Chintalapati
  • Request from Yvette to Nathan and Vlad to send an email to Lisa with what the proper wording should be for the questions they brought attention to in the meeting.  It will need to be approved by the program before Yvette can make any changes to the verbiage (Nathan and Vlad)
  • Scott will discuss revisiting the DaVita effective date and date of death issue with Lisa Scott Laughlin 

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