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  • Call will be recorded for the purposes of capturing further meeting notes and action items.  Any objections please inform the host
  • Telemedicine
    • The past two weeks the ADO team has added telemedicine usage tracking to the EQRS application

  • "Edit Treatment Information" page - a Telemedicine check box (optional) will be available to check the check box to indicate that the user is using the telemedicine
  • Under "Treatment information" section the Telemedicine field will display "Yes"
  • Under Facilities>Services Information page>Additional Services (Optional) - added a Telemedicine check box if the facility is providing the telemedicine service
  • To search on Telemedicine facilities - Go to Search page under Advanced Search>Additional services>Click on Telemedicine check box>Submit
  • DCI (Vlad) - Why is it in the Treatment page? It is not in the right place to put Telemedicine
    • Per Lisa -  it was put on there so the user would not have to constantly re-enter it with the clinical data; more of a one time entry
    • Vlad -  how would it be handled if patient is doing telemedicine one month then goes into the clinic the next few months, then back to telemedicine.  How would this scenario be handled?
    • Concern the program/ISG did not ask the EDI's
    • Vlad suggest telemedicine should have been place in the clinical data section so it can be documented how many telemedicine contacts a patient had during a certain time
    • A treatment is really an order
    • It needs to be documented if its secured or not
    • Per Lisa - this suggestion will be looked at for future enhancements
    • Telemedicine is primarily for patients who are doing home therapy
    • Suggest to make the definition clearer and have the EOCT get the definition out
  • FKC (Kathleen)
    • What is the expectation of checking and unchecking the Telemedicine check box?
    • If the patient goes back and forth between Telemedicine and not doing Telemedicine, is the expectation to constantly go back and forth in updating the treatment record?
      • Per Lisa - no, it would be for the predominance of whatever they did for the month.  If for the month they predominately checked in through Telemedicine, then you would check the Telemedicine checkbox
      • Lisa will take the multiple scenarios presented, back to ISG/ADO and revisit the telemedicine definition and check box
  • Leah Skrien asked if there are other things tied to treatment?  
    • Per Lisa - she cannot tell her at this time if there will be anything else tied to treatment 
    • Nathan asked when and how can they get an answer to Leah's question
      • Lisa will have the other PO's put together something explaining if anything is tied to treatment and bring to the next meeting (Action Item)
  • Telemedicine - XSD change
    • Under modality in the XSD, there is an XSD element added with a name "telemedicine"
    • This is an optional field so if no value is provided, the telemedicine value will default to "false"
    • It it optional to include the tags at all
    • Recommended that the above scenario (without the tags) be tested in prod preview
    • When will the updated data dictionary, xml examples and XSD documentation be available?
      • They will be provided once the production date has been determined
      • Therefore, EDIs will not be told how to implement this until it is actually in production
      • Concerned is that the EDI developers need time to get this into their systems
      • The expectation of CMS is to have the facilities manually enter the ~90,000+patients through the single user interface
      • It was pointed out that the EDIs have electronic submission in order to remove the burden of manual entry as much as possible
      • Per Lisa, this is a requirement in the network contract and the networks will gather the data, one way or another.  This is an easier option than them contacting each and every facility
  • Telemedicine - Data Dictionary
    • A new role is added
    • Keynote type is modality 
    • The element is telemedicine
    • Field type is Boolean
    • It is not a required field
    • As far as the description, it is optional and if not provided by default the value will be "false"; (listed values are True or false)
    • Field is used to identify patients using telemedicine services for the treatment of dialysis facilities
    • Added a new column called "Notes' to identify that telemedicine is the only new field added. The new column is being used as an indicator that it is new
    • Rather than duplicate column C in the data dictionary, suggested to have the "Notes" column be used as an "as of" date field to indicate the production date of the new field (i.e. Telemedicine) 
    • The definition for "Telemedicine" will be further clarified when Lisa takes the feedback to the team (Action Item)
  • Kt/V
    • Under the Adequacy section, have a Kt/V method
    • Added a "standard" option for the Kt/V method drop down
    • Added to the XSD as element value - "Standard"
    • Added to the XML - Adequacy Kt/Va
    • Updated the Data Dictionary under Clinical tab
    • "Standard" option for Kt/V method is already in production
    • Anitha will update the "Notes" column field with the date it was moved into production (Action Item)
    • Nathan request since this is already in production, can they have the updated data dictionary, XSD, XML examples, error codes and any associated documentation.  Anitha will send the documentation (Action Item)
    • Kelly confirmed that any standard errors related to how the logic works in the database for the Kt/V Method field which included the new "Standard" drop down option the error messages will work the same
      • Per Anitha - Yes, any error message for that field still applies.  They only added a new option
      • No new error messages introduced
      • If during manual entry, the user misspells "standard" the system will return fail file format conformance error? Yes
      • Values have to exactly match what is specified in the XSD
      • Existing error messages that is related to the Kt/V method applies to the "standard" option as well
      • There are no new additional error messages that have been introduced
      • Per Nathan - feels there should be an error message; standard is designed to be used in very specific cases of what Kt/V you are reporting
      • Now the system lets the user choose whatever method they want, regardless of what modality you're on, treatment type, etc
      • EDIs would like to understand how, if or when this will be used as part of the QIP adequacy measures and same for five-star. When will the standard Kt/V be included in QIP and five-star calculations? Need to get something out to the community/EDIs (Action Item - Jason/Ahmar)
    • Vlad - Was told that Kt/V will not be counted in QIP at this point; therefore if you try to use standard Kt/V for regular patients, it will cause a problem on the QIP score; they would assume that you don't have single Kt/V so the patient would be counted as deficient
Round TableAll
  • Other topics to discuss at these meetings?
    • Review Roadmaps; PI information
      • The roadmap was presented to the group at the 7/28 meeting
      • The Program offered as PI's are coming up, we would do shallow dives, bring the features to review and make comments
      • This is a work in progress and trying to incorporate the EDIs more as well as their view points
      • Started a new contract and some some of the things had to be put in EQRS while we were in procurement and those could not be discussed
      • We are working in being as transparent as we can and moving forward in trying to incorporate the EDIs
      • We need to move forward and ISG/Program will take the concerns of the EDIs of not being included in being able to provide input before something is implemented into the system as a lessons learned.  Moving forward we will try to have the EDI's more engaged and include them after shallow dives
    • Timelines
    • When can the EDIs expect details - technical documentation
    • After a shallow dive is completed, make sure anything we need to include for the EDI Submitter's gets included on the agenda
  • Question from Vlad - Was the fix for the transplant citizenship issue and the clinical data check box deployed last night? (8/24)
    • Per Scott the fix for code 13510 related to citizenship status was deployed the evening of 8/24
    • The clinical data check box issue was not deployed.  It was rescheduled for Thursday, 8/26
  • Question from Rachelle Caruthers - Was Lisa able to speak to leadership about the method of delivering the healthcare personnel flu data?  Are they open to alternate methods rather than putting that into NHSN?
    • Lisa has not had the chance to ask leadership 

Next meeting scheduled for  

Proposed Agenda topics for next meeting:

  • What is being worked on now?
    • Working on 3 items for Network contract
    • Working on identifying nursing home patients so we know which patients are in nursing homes and receiving dialysis in nursing homes
    • List of new changes tied to treatment?
    • Moving vaccination records out of clinical and will follow the patient

Action Items:

  • The definition for "Telemedicine" will be further clarified when Lisa takes the feedback to the team Lisa Rees 
  • Leah Skrien asked if aside from Telemedicine if there is anything tied to treatment? Lisa will have the other PO's put together something explaining if anything is tied to treatment and bring to the next meeting Lisa Rees
  • Anitha will update the "Notes" column field with the date the Kt/V "standard" option was moved into production Anitha Chintalapati
  • Nathan request since the Kt/V "standard" option is already in production, can they have the updated data dictionary, XSD, XML examples, error codes and any associated documentation.  Anitha will send the documentation Anitha Chintalapati
  • EDIs would like to understand how, if or when the Kt/V "standard" option will be used as part of the QIP adequacy measures and same for 5 start. When will the standard Kt/V be included in QIP and five star calculations? Need to get something out to the community/EDIs Ahmar Wazir Jason Clem

DateMilestone (M) / Task (T)DescriptionPhaseStatus
2/28/2021MCode deployed to pre-prod for testing.1Complete
3/15/2021 - 3/24/2021TEDIs perform integration testing.1Complete


MEDIs sign-off on integration testing.1Complete

3/24/2021 - 3/25/2021

TADO prepares for coding deployment.1Complete


MProduction deployment.1Complete
3/31/2021MProd-Preview environment contains refreshed prod data 2Complete
2/24/2021 - 3/10/2021 TReview of phase 2 codes and finalize list of codes.  Complete
3/11/2021 - 4/30/2021TADO perform coding updates and regression testing - Phase 2 (Patient Codes) 2Complete


MProd-Preview environment data refresh.2Complete


MRemaining Phase 2 (Patient Codes) deployed to pre-prod for testing.2Complete

5/4/2021 - 6/1/2021


EDIs performs integration testing - Phase 2 (Patient Codes) 
Starting 5/4 - EDIs submit prod file in prod environment and PP2-3.  This should be the SAME file for both environments.  Review discrepancies between the feedback files and validate codes.



MEDIs sign off-on integration testing - Phase 2 (Patient Codes) 2Complete

6/2/2021 - 6/4/2021

TADO prepares for coding deployment - Phase 2 (Patient Codes) 2Complete


MProduction deployment - Phase 2 (Patient Codes) 2Complete
6/4/2021MPhase 2 (Patient Codes) live in production.2Complete
3/10/2021 - 3/17/2021TReview of phase 3 codes and finalize list of codes.  3Complete
5/12/2021 - 06/08/2021TADO perform coding updates and regression testing - Phase 3 Clinical Codes/27283Complete


MProd-Preview environment data refresh.
6/4/2021 - 6/6/2021T

EDIs SHOULD NOT submit any PATIENT files during this time period in production (to ensure same patients are in PP2-3).


EDIs to drop file into PP2-3 to establish a baseline.



MCode deployed to pre-prod for testing - Phase 3 (Clinical Codes/2728).
Reopening September 2020 to March 2021 Clinical months for submission.

6/9/2021 - 7/6/2021

TEDIs performs integration testing.

Starting 6/9 - Re-drop same file from 6/7/2021 into PP2-3.  Review feedback files from PP2-3 and validate codes.



MEDIs sign-off on integration testing - Phase 3 (Clinical Codes/2728).3


7/7/2021 - 7/11/2021

TADO prepares for coding deployment - Phase 3 (Clinical Codes/2728).3Complete
7/12/2021MPhase 3 (Clinical Codes/2728) live in production.3Complete


MEDSM Implementation Complete (Phase 1 - 3).n/aComplete

7/12/2021 - 9/15/2021


Resubmission of Clinical Data Files (September to December). 

Open July 12, 2021 at 5 a.m. Pacific (8 a.m. Eastern) and close September 15, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time

9/15/2021 is the official closure date for the clinical months of September, October, November, and December 2020.

CMS highly recommends completing large data submissions prior to the official clinical closure date.





Data fully submitted and ready for measure and scoring calculations.

09/20/2021 - 02/28/2022T

Submit January-September 2021 EQRS Clinical Data, ICH CAHPS Attestations, and Clinical Depression Screening and Follow-Up Plan reporting in EQRS. Additionally, all subsequent months in 2021 will open for data submission on the first day of each month (i.e., October opens October 1; November opens November 1; and December opens December 1). 

02/28/2022MThe clinical closure date for all months in 2021 is February 28, 2022 at 11:59 PM PT.n/a

Data Submission (Errors & Warnings) Milestone Dates - By Phase

Phase No.

File Type

Code Bucket Name


ADO Completion Date

LDO Testing Start Date

Testing Completion Date

Production Date



Admit Reasons

11221, 11222, 11223, 11224, 11225







Patient Codes







Clinical Codes







2728 Codes





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