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We'll post links to important resources and references on this page. Some of those resources are EQRS Feature Candidate pages that describe the business objectives, business description, business hypothesis and more for planned features. These features are under consideration for development and may be changed before and/or during the development cycle.

The links below are the test files you'll need. Files in Production are posted in the Documentation Repository

Feature PageLink to XSDsProd Preview DateProd Date
 Admission In Support of Transplant     NEW on 12/10/2021                                     Added Discharge Reason Code 13 in support of transplant




Nursing Home Identifier



Identify Depressed PatientsIdentify Depressed Patients      NEW on 12/10/2021 

Vaccinations (Vaccination Data Guide)  (CROWN Vaccination report XSD)  (Sample Vaccination Not Received XML)  (Sample Vaccination Received XML)  (Additional XSD for Vaccinations)

Telemedicine Usage



New Patient Tribe & Race Codes

Per EDI Submitter request - Added new Tribe codes 449 (Catawba), 450 (Ahtna), and Other race type to crown-patient.xsd