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The Human-Centered Design Center of Excellence (HCD CoE) team recommends and maintains principles, processes, and tools meant to reduce burdens on product teams while helping teams deliver usable, consistent, and valuable products and services to its customers. These assets are constantly under review and are updated to reflect enterprise-level solutions for CCSQ through active engagement with ISG leadership, HCQIS stakeholders, and emerging trends and research.

The pillars of our standards are as follows:

  • Design Principles: Design principles provide product development vision by helping ISG answer the question, "How do we want our organization to be perceived by our customers?" A set of principles define quality for ISG and drive decisions for the products, services, and policies that influence customers. These principles form the basis of creating key experience indicators (KEIs), or quality metrics, that demonstrate the value of HCD and can map back to the organization's business objectives.

  • HCD Process & Certification: HCD is the process we use to understand the people for whom we are writing policies and creating programs and services for at CMS. We provide training for attendees to gain an introductory understanding of HCD and some basic HCD methods/activities that can be applied to their role at CCSQ.

  • HCD Maturity Model: The HCD Maturity Model is a framework to explain the level of HCD adoption in the enterprise.

  • Key Experience Indicator (KEI) Metrics: The CoE works with ISG to define key experience indicators (KEIs) that can demonstrate increased customer satisfaction and can map to organizational objectives.

If you’re interested in partnering with the Center of Excellence team to apply HCD standards, please send an email to:

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