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What is Design a Superhero?

Here you come to save the day. You’re not Mighty Mouse, but using this method you set up a scenario where you can save your user some frustration. We’ve all had those situations where we wished we had superpowers: “if only I could fly like superman, I’d be out of this traffic already!” Designing a superhero is a method that allows you and your users to think without borders.  It is the act of developing ideal solutions for customer problems by conceptualizing “super powers” that could help the ordinary user achieve extraordinary results

Why Design a Superhero?

Question: So why would you want to think of a solution that can’t possibly happen?

Answer: Because the solution may not be as impossible as you think.

Brainstorming to imagine all possible resolutions to a customer pain point, whether it is “realistic” or not, opens your mind to realistic solutions you might not have otherwise considered. It also identifies problems you may not have been working to resolve. In addition, it can act as the catalyst for the formation of a “How Might We…” question. How might we “fly” people over this traffic? Answer: Build another lane or build a flying car.

How Can You Design a Superhero?

Designing a Superhero can involve either your team or a group of users. Whether or not you decide to incorporate your users,  the steps involved are as follows:

  1. Gather your group of participants
  2. Present them with the scenario: “You are designing the superhero of __________. This superhero has secret weapons that make it possible to overcome the things that frustrate  ___________ like you and me. What secret weapons would you give this superhero? “
  3. Analyze the responses to determine what super powers have real-life opportunity implications.


  • Ideate Phase

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