CCSQ ServiceNow is a cloud-based workflow automation platform created by the CMS Center for Clinical Standards & Quality (CCSQ) to support the QualityNet community for customer service support, process automation, and configuration, as well as by other CMS Organizations with a quality-focused reporting and support needs. The CCSQ Service Center and CCSQ community use the platform for logging issues (Incidents and Cases), requesting something new (Service Requests), or searching Knowledge Articles. ServiceNow is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that is used to automate workflow and event integration between various tools to mature and improve how our support teams provide efficient and consistent services to customers.

Additionally, the general public leverages an intuitive and simple to use CCSQ Support Central Service Portal where they can submit questions or issues. When a customer Creates a Ticket, the ServiceNow application emails the customer a reference number and status. To view the status of a Case, Incident, or Request within CCSQ Support Central, customers can use the Track Ticket functionality. CCSQ Support Central also provides the ability for customers to engage with the CCSQ Service Center using a Live Agent Chat or schedule a time for an agent to call them back for assistance.

Vision: An accessible, customer-centric organization that delivers high-value, scalable, secure, and best-in-class omnichannel support to its customers with customer experience at its core.

Need Help?

Don't have a ServiceNow Account?  No problem.  You can get the support you need through CCSQ Support Central!

CCSQ Support Central: Provides customers with multilevel support.  Through CCSQ Support Central you can create new tickets that directly submit to the CCSQ Service Center and track the status of existing tickets. It also provides access to services and information for:

  • Hospital Quality Reporting (HQR)
  • Quality Payment Program (QPP)
  • Internet Quality Improvement and Evaluation System (iQIES)
  • End Stage Renal Disease Quality Reporting (EQRS)
  • Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS).
  • QualityNet Support Center

Already have a ServiceNow Account? You can also use the platforms below to get the help you need!

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ServiceNow Service Portal: Intended only for CMS employees and vender partners. The portal provides self-service options for internal customers to report Security Incidents, submit Service Requests for tools or services offered to the internal QualityNet community, report an Incident, provide Approvals, or access internal Knowledge Base articles. The portal enables internal customers to track the status of tickets and requires a login.

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QualityNet Slack: You can send questions/issues to our Slack channels #help-servicenow

CCSQ ServiceNow Intake Process
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The CCSQ ServiceNow intake process provides a centralized entry point for customers to submit enhancement requests to the CCSQ ServiceNow Agile Release Train (ART). 

Click here to learn more about the intake process and how to complete the CCSQ ServiceNow Intake Form.

Have Feedback?

If you have feedback for the CCSQ ServiceNow program, you can reach us at

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