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Data Nav Overview
Data Nav Overview


The CCSQ Data & Analytics space is the place to find resources related to data and analytics to support the CCSQ mission to improve outcomes, beneficiary experience of care, and population health and reduce health care costs.

To support this mission, the CCSQ Data and Analytics effort applies the agile development approach to make information timely, accessible, and secure. The CCSQ Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment is composed of the Centralized Data Repository (CDR) and the CCSQ Analytics Platform (CAP). The CDR consists of single, well-defined, and high-quality versions of all the data entities within the CCSQ organizational ecosystem. The CAP provides high-performance, in-memory analytics in an open, cloud-enabled, run-time environment. 

The information is organized under four main categories: Training & Onboarding, Data Resources, Analytics & Tools, and Collaboration, as shown in the top navigation bar.


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