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Behind the Glass: Introduction to Interview Techniques for Non-Researchers

"Where were you on May 1 at 10 PM?" is not the way to begin a user interview when looking to innovate products, services, or policies. While it may work in a dark, smoke-filled room with one swinging bulb, there are more effective means to get the information you need to understand your customers and their challenges.

Interviewing is a foundational HCD research method that people often assume they already possess. Everyone can ask questions, right? Isn't this just talking to people? If you want to move from gathering data to uncovering compelling insights, interviewing is more than a conversation or verbal exchange.

Join the CCSQ Human-Centered Design Community of Practice on Friday, April 30 at 1 PM ET. Senior Design Strategist Malaika Simmons from Tantus Technologies will share Behind the Glass: Introduction to Interview Techniques for Non-Researchers. Malaika will: 

  • Uncover the impact of interviewing,
  • Provide best practices for formulating questions, 
  • Introduce other ethnographic methods, and
  • Facilitate breakout sessions so you can experiment with ethnographic techniques.

Register today to join the discussion and to collaborate with a community of professionals. Attend via Zoom.