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Where to Store Data/Files in SAS Viya


The following is a guide on where to store data and files within the SAS Viya environment.

Best Practice

Code (i.e. SAS Code)

 Store all code in the relevant organization SAS Content folder.

Data (i.e., large SAS Datasets, PDF, txt, excel, csv)

Store all files of these types in the relevant organization workbench folder.

Note: If users and their organization do not have access to the workbench folder, open a ServiceNow ticket to request access. Within the ticket, provide justification on why a large number of files need to be stored in these folders (i.e., purpose, type of files, etc.). The support team will work with CMS to provide a solution for users and their organization.


If users have data that needs to be stored in table format, they should store it in their organization Hive database

Users can save data to their organization hive database using the following:

    SAVE REPLACE                              
    INCASLIB="&mycaslib" CASDATA="claim_counts"
 OUTCASLIB="&mycaslib" CASOUT="claim_counts";