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Phase 3 Testing Timeline

Scott L.

  • 07/12/2021 - Phase 3 (Clinical Codes/2728) live in production.
  • 07/12/2021 - 09/01/2021 - Resubmission of Clinical Data Files (September to December).
    • Continuing to monitor and review clinical data being submitted
    • Submissions are going extremely well 
  • Timeline
    • Encourage everyone to complete large data submissions prior to the closure of the clinical data
    • Allows us to react to any large data submissions early in the process
Data Cleanup InitiativeMichael
  • Continuing to triage and work tickets that come in
  • Most issues encountered have been educational or user based
  • Thank you to all the EDIs for your support and collaboration
  • Will triage ticket that came in from DaVita regarding the effective date.  Requested for the data file to review
  • Continuing data cleanup and looking out for 400s and 401s to be resolved
Data DictionaryScott L.
  • Request from NRAA - Would like Information when an updated EQRS Data Dictionary will be ready for distribution
  • EDI Data Dictionary
  • To better understand, Scott asked why the request was made, how it fits into NRAAs process and how it helps them?
    • Per Deb Wilson  - the data dictionary has been an artifact they had for a long time and it helps the vendor as they review their code, make updates and do their testing
  • The last version NRAA received is version 5.1.3 of CrownWeb
    • Per Nathan, they have never received an EQRS data dictionary that is up to date and accurate
    • Going back to Med Rec
    • What's missing - there are certain selections in the data dictionary that are no longer in the UI or system anymore
    • The last version was Med Rec version 1.4, May 2019
  • Recommended by Nathan to have a column in the data dictionary to add comments or status
  • Confirmed that NRAA (Deb) has the latest version that was being discussed in this meeting
Data Submissions from 07/12/2021Preston

Data Submissions from 07-12-2021 - EQRS - HCQIS Confluence (

  • Submissions are looking really good this week
  • Volume is lower this week than last week
  • For those submissions, they have gone through successfully - feedback files have been generated successfully
  • Issues - 3 NRAA files
    • One failed to generate a feedback file
    • Two had issues at submission time
    • No explanation at this time what went wrong with the 3 files
    • Added additional logging to help troubleshoot the issues
    • Data did process successfully, the errors occurred at the tail end of generating this bad feedback
Round tableScott L.

DaVita -

  • Completed full batch submission of December this week and it took 7.5 -8 hours to process which is normal and their job never had to be restarted
  • Praise to everyone for their hard work
  • Gained confidence in the system now the jobs can just run successfully


  • Completed most of the batching done and didn't experience any issues
  • Great work all around and FKC had faith with the EQRS ADO team that it would be a success
  • They performed a test on attestations and it was successful as well as in Production 
  • They feel comfortable they are in a great spot and do what needs to be done to reach the 9/1 deadline


  • Submitted depression screening data today - no issues encountered
  • Noticed one new error, Error 212 - This facility is not eligible to submit screening reporting during this assessment period due to lack of eligible patients
    • It is two clinics, one clinic is opened in the middle of the year, and didn't have enough patients
    • The other clinic is a larger clinic that was closed in the middle of 2020
    • No ticket has been entered at this time


  • They are making progress
  • Numbers on the Clinical Compliance report are going down
  • Monday, 7/26 - Deb will get Howard the percent complete for December 
New batching error in Demographic DataMichael
  • CS1363218 - DaVita
  • Michael received the ticket and will begin triaging today
  • Issue is related to the effective date and seeing impacted by the time zone
  • Error indicates it was submitted for a future date
  • Michael will work with Nathan in getting the specific file name
  • Michael pointed out that Howard's (NRAA) numbers will look better next week.  He has been working on resolving the NRAA tickets with Kelly
MiscellaneousScott L.
  • REMINDER: if need to email the help desk, using the following email address: with URGENT in front of subject line

    • This will get to the appropriate ESRD agents to triage and assign to the correct team/resource
  • Question:  Any guidance on the submissions of the 2021 data?
    • At this time there is no guidance from the program
    • Nathan suggest when they do the conversations about it, that the other meetings (ie. Program Working Group meeting) be used to discuss with the group (EDIs)  

Next meeting scheduled for  

  • Next EDI Submission Testing Meeting

Action Items:

DateMilestone (M) / Task (T)DescriptionPhaseStatus
2/28/2021MCode deployed to pre-prod for testing.1Complete
3/15/2021 - 3/24/2021TEDIs perform integration testing.1Complete


MEDIs sign-off on integration testing.1Complete

3/24/2021 - 3/25/2021

TADO prepares for coding deployment.1Complete


MProduction deployment.1Complete
3/31/2021MProd-Preview environment contains refreshed prod data 2Complete
2/24/2021 - 3/10/2021 TReview of phase 2 codes and finalize list of codes.  Complete
3/11/2021 - 4/30/2021TADO perform coding updates and regression testing - Phase 2 (Patient Codes) 2Complete


MProd-Preview environment data refresh.2Complete


MRemaining Phase 2 (Patient Codes) deployed to pre-prod for testing.2Complete

5/4/2021 - 6/1/2021


EDIs performs integration testing - Phase 2 (Patient Codes) 
Starting 5/4 - EDIs submit prod file in prod environment and PP2-3.  This should be the SAME file for both environments.  Review discrepancies between the feedback files and validate codes.



MEDIs sign off-on integration testing - Phase 2 (Patient Codes) 2Complete

6/2/2021 - 6/4/2021

TADO prepares for coding deployment - Phase 2 (Patient Codes) 2Complete


MProduction deployment - Phase 2 (Patient Codes) 2Complete
6/4/2021MPhase 2 (Patient Codes) live in production.2Complete
3/10/2021 - 3/17/2021TReview of phase 3 codes and finalize list of codes.  3Complete
5/12/2021 - 06/08/2021TADO perform coding updates and regression testing - Phase 3 Clinical Codes/27283Complete


MProd-Preview environment data refresh.
6/4/2021 - 6/6/2021T

EDIs SHOULD NOT submit any PATIENT files during this time period in production (to ensure same patients are in PP2-3).


EDIs to drop file into PP2-3 to establish a baseline.



MCode deployed to pre-prod for testing - Phase 3 (Clinical Codes/2728).
Reopening September 2020 to March 2021 Clinical months for submission.

6/9/2021 - 7/6/2021

TEDIs performs integration testing.

Starting 6/9 - Re-drop same file from 6/7/2021 into PP2-3.  Review feedback files from PP2-3 and validate codes.



MEDIs sign-off on integration testing - Phase 3 (Clinical Codes/2728).3


7/7/2021 - 7/11/2021

TADO prepares for coding deployment - Phase 3 (Clinical Codes/2728).3Complete
7/12/2021MPhase 3 (Clinical Codes/2728) live in production.3Complete


MEDSM Implementation Complete (Phase 1 - 3).n/aComplete

7/12/2021 - 9/15/2021


Resubmission of Clinical Data Files (September to December). 

Open July 12, 2021 at 5 a.m. Pacific (8 a.m. Eastern) and close September 15, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time

9/15/2021 is the official closure date for the clinical months of September, October, November, and December 2020.

CMS highly recommends completing large data submissions prior to the official clinical closure date.





Data fully submitted and ready for measure and scoring calculations.

09/20/2021 - 02/28/2022T

Submit January-September 2021 EQRS Clinical Data, ICH CAHPS Attestations, and Clinical Depression Screening and Follow-Up Plan reporting in EQRS. Additionally, all subsequent months in 2021 will open for data submission on the first day of each month (i.e., October opens October 1; November opens November 1; and December opens December 1). 

02/28/2022MThe clinical closure date for all months in 2021 is February 28, 2022 at 11:59 PM PT.n/a

Data Submission (Errors & Warnings) Milestone Dates - By Phase

Phase No.

File Type

Code Bucket Name


ADO Completion Date

LDO Testing Start Date

Testing Completion Date

Production Date



Admit Reasons

11221, 11222, 11223, 11224, 11225







Patient Codes







Clinical Codes







2728 Codes





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