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Risk Management Goal: Analyzing the current state, assessing the potential vulnerabilities/threats/opportunities, and creating actionable and reportable mitigation strategies.

Risk Management Vision: To create an enterprise risk aware culture that embeds risk-based decision making into strategic management.

Mission Statement: The ISG Risk Management team provides portfolio level risk analysis that empowers senior leadership to perform risk-based decision making.

(blue star) Quick Link: Executive Risk Dashboard

Collaborative Risk Management

Whether we are identifying risks, describing risks, or planning to mitigate risks; let's invite our partners, business owners, and policy teams to have a seat at the table.  They'll provide  expertise and point of view that enhances the IPT/ART's management of risks and issues. Include Program and Policy Team Members:

    • Identifying Risks
    • Analyzing Risks
    • Planning Mitigation and/or Contingencies
    • Assign Activities
    • Managing Risks
    • Reviewing Risks

Risk Boards

This page includes links to the ISG Risk Management Kanban Boards on QualityNet Jira. NOTE: This page is only accessible when logged into QualityNet Confluence. 

Risk & Issue Management Plan (RIMP)

The ISG Risk and Issue Management Plan (RIMP) serves as the overarching plan for managing risks and issues across all ISG-related programs and products.

Reference Materials

Access materials needed to comply with ISG's approach to risk management and OMB's risk management requirements as well as recommended videos and articles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This FAQ page is frequently updated with new questions about Risk and Issues Management, ISG's proactive approach to Risk Management, and managing risks in Jira.

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