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User research provides a critical design strategy foundation that allows you to understand and empathize with customers to design valuable products and services. Something this important does not come easy. At times, conducting user research can feel as though it is full of barriers, but it can be easier to manage with some upfront organization.

Join us for a case study of how the recently centralized Quality Payment Program’s (QPP) human-centered design team learned to be effective by scaling and streamlining the research processes. Highlights will include lessons learned when setting up a user research panel in Salesforce, creating a research repository in EnjoyHQ, and measuring the experience with a modified version of Forester’s Customer Experience Index.

Experience Research Lead Eva Floyd and Researcher and Designer Kiel McLaughlin from Agile Six, and HCD Researcher Christina Brandon from Huge will share their excitement, challenges, and frustrations to get it all set up for quality insights.

The session will include:

  • Strategies to create a steady stream of research panel participants.
  • The legal and ethical considerations that affect our governance process, from consent forms to handling personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Tips for connecting the dots between multiple research studies using a user research repository.
  • How the Customer Experience Index can help make a more holistic choice.

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