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Join us for the HCQIS Human-Centered Design Community of Practice Event on August 28th!


Tree testing is a research method that allows you to understand how people navigate and discover information with a website or app. It sounds simple, but you can learn a lot by presenting a text-only version of the hierarchy of a website and asking people where they expect to find a piece of content.  

Tree testing includes plugging in existing information architecture to make iterative improvements to a live experience, and even answering critical questions before creating a prototype:  

  • Do the naming conventions make sense?  
  • Is content grouped logically?  
  • Can people quickly find what they need? If not, what is blocking them?  
  • What are the most common paths taken to complete critical tasks?  

Join the HCD Community of Practice on Friday, August 28, at 1 PM with Senior UX Researcher Mike Eng from HQR, who will share a recent tree testing study and findings.   

Following a presentation, HQR team members Lead User Researcher Ian Lowrie and Content Strategist Stephanie Warren will join Mike on a panel. Senior Design Strategist Chelsea Hunt, from the HCD Center of Excellence, will participate as the moderator to discuss:  

  • How the study informed future information architecture and reporting infrastructure decisions
  • The broader navigation approach for HQR 
  • Background on how they completed the test, including communication and recruitment conversion 

Register now to join the conversation and collaborate with a community of professionals.

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