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Meeting Purpose: To discuss the load testing and the potential load in Production once the clinical months are reopened.  


Nathan Muzos
Hari Krishna Pemmasanix
Melissa Fieldhousex
Arnie Esparterox
Lakshmi Eriginenix
Yvette Brownx
Scott Laughlinx
Kelly Llewellynx
Robert Krollx
Vlad Ladikx
Adrienne Adkins-Provost
Ayomide Oludoyi
Howard Thomasx
Pandu Muddanax
Preston Brownx
Branon Barrett
Revathy Ramakrishnax
Kotaiah Ravipatix
Karena Sullivanx
Deb Wilsonx
Aaron Thompsonx
Sarah Fillingx
Manasa Bandamx
Terrance Betheax
Zac Cohenx

Discussion Items 


Yvette Brown/Lakshmi Erigineni

  • EDI Submitter Production Load Schedule
  • NRAA
    • Submits all data daily 
    • Throttling will only be necessary if CMS opens the gateway for a limited time and the data load is too great
  • FKC submits patient & 2728 data daily, clinical &2746 data twice weekly, Reporting measures monthly, attestation annually
    • Will submit ~25 files for each 2020 clinical month (500 records) , ~500 files/400 records per file for each 2021 clinical month split by collection type
    • Will submit ~20 reporting measure files for each 2020 clinical month (500 records)
    • Plan to submit the same file load even if CMS limits the submission window, may increase frequency of submissions if necessary
    • 2020 Attestation submission will be a few hundred files
  • DaVita
    • Patient data is submitted on Monday & Tuesday
    • 2728 & 2746 are submitted manually
    • Clinical data is submitted 3 x monthly except 1st week of month (full submission then deltas, ~600 files /mo, ~6k records)
    • Reporting  measures are submitted twice monthly
    • Attestations are submitted annually
    • 2020 full clinical submission will be done once; will advise submission strategy
    • 2020 Reporting submission will be ~38-40 files (~6k patients per file)
    • 2020 Attestation submission
  • DCI
    • 2728 & 2746 are submitted manually
    • Clinical/patient data is submitted Tuesday & Friday (~270 files/200 patients)
    • Second Tuesday of month all data for previous month is submitted
    • Reporting  measures are submitted quarterly
    • Attestations are submitted annually
    • 2020 clinical submission Sept/Oct already submitted so updates will be small, Nov/Dec will be full set
    • Wants to get Clinical Compliance report from NCC more often
    • 2020 Reporting submission will be once, ~5 files/4k patients
    • 2020 Attestation submission should not be necessary; would be helpful to see a report of who submitted attestations
General discussion
  • If multiple months are open and multiple submitters submit data for the same patient, are  collisions possible?
    • Not so much two different submitters, it's the load on the system that might be at issue.
    • Collisions should not be possible because the data being submitted is different for the same patient (e.g. one submitter is submitting for January, one is submitting for November, no collision)
    • ADO can emulate normal EDI submissions to build data points via a tool
    • EDI Submitters can load test any time; ADO will need assistance from submitters and will provide notice
  • EQRS processes patients chronologically, unclear how it processes facilities (see AI)
  • Some facilities have not been sending the patient demographics data in during the clinical suspension due to EHR processes
  • Not just facility acquisitions cause this. We should rapid fire PTs changing facilities within a few months to see if it confuses EQRS; its not a facility mapping issue that concerns this.
  • 2020 submissions: assume catch-up data is Sep - Dec: can we simulate the volume of data that would be sent to Prod in Prod Preview?
    • DaVita: Yes 
    • NRAA: No (ADO can simulate NRAA files)
    • DCI: Yes
    • FKC: Yes
Next Steps

Further discussion, more details to follow

 LDO Submission Schedules

Action Items:

Yvette Brown Will consult with Michael Kennedy on how facility mapping works.

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