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QuickSight: How To Share a Dashboard

There are a few different ways to share a dashboard with another QuickSight user. Below are details on the various options. Some options may not be available to you based on your QuickSight account role/permissions.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Option One: Default
    1. Shared folders are set up so that dashboards in the 'Prod' folder are automatically shared with any QuickSight User that has been included in the Shared folder's organization.  
    2. A QuickSight Deployer and Developer can publish dashboards to the 'Prod' folder. All other user roles are unable to share dashboards with other QuickSight users.
  2. Option Twi: Share with individual QuickSight User
    1. QuickSight Deployers and Developers can share a dashboard with an individual QuickSight User by selecting 'Share' icon in the dashboard banner.
      'Share dashboard' option in NH Covid-19 National Trend Analysis
    2. Search for the user you want to specifically share the dashboard with and select the permission level. The permission level should be set to Viewer so that the user can use the dashboard, bout cannot access the underlying dataset. 
      Share Dashboard menu in QuickSight
  3. Option Three: Create a deep link for sharing/posting dashboard URL
  4. Option Four: Emailing a dashboard tab to a QuickSight user
    1. Select the tab to email. NOTE: QuickSight will limit your email to one tab per dashboard.
    2. Select the Share icon on the dashboard banner and select Email Report from the listed options.
    3. Select the options for email frequency and select the users from the available user list that will receive this report.
    4. Select Update Report to send the report at the scheduled time or Update & send a report now to immediately send the selected report to the chosen recipients.
    5. Recipients can download each chart to a png image file within the emailed report or navigate to QuickSight using the link provided in the email.
  5. OPTION Five: Compiling images and PDFs for Non-QuickSight Users
    1. Select the Export icon on the right side of the navigation bar. Then, download the file as PDF or Print the dashboard.
    2. Configure the orientation of the dashboard tab you want to export as a PDF, then select Go to preview.
      'Prepare for printing' menu
    3. Select Print when the appropriate configuration is chosen and then print to PDF to have PDF slides of the dashboard tab. This process will have to be repeated for each tab exported as QuickSight only supports printing one tab at a time.

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