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QuickSight: How To Create a Dashboard With a Single Visualization

There may be a need for you to create a simple Dashboard with only a single visualization on it.  This 'How To' will detail how you create this type of Dashboard.

Step-by-step guide

  1. All Dashboards start from an Analyses. After selecting Analyses, click on New analysis:
  2. Select the SPICE dataset you want your visualization to be based on: 
  3. A window pop-up will give you a few options: delete, edit, duplicate, create analysis.  You want to select create analysis:
  4. In the Visualize pane, you first select the visual types you like, then the field wells box automatically shows what available axes, value, and group/color options you want to choose from your fields list:

  5. When you are ready to publish your visualization as a Dashboard, click Share, then Publish dashboard:
  6. Give your dashboard a name or replace an existing dashboard, then click Publish dashboard button:
  7. The next pop-up window allows you to share your dashboard manually with individuals or if you want all QuickSight users to have access to your dashboard, select Share with everyone in this account. Note that a published dashboard in a Shared Folder is accessible to QuickSight Users based on their Role for that QuickSight Organization/Shared Folder.  You can simply close this window by clicking x and users with access to the Shared Folder will automatically get access to the dashboard.
  8. Verify the dashboard is published by clicking Dashboards link on the left panel:
  9. Open the dashboard to visual confirm everything looks as expected:

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