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Loading Data into CASLIB is Slow


This guide will detail how to load data into CASLIB when it takes a significant amount of time. 


Use VARLIST to limit the variables that are loaded into memory and use a WHERE clause to filter and limit data being loaded into memory. 
This should improve overall system performance for all users.

PROC CASUTIL INCASLIB="claims_sample" OUTCASLIB="&mylib.";

Load some data from HHA_HEADER; */
 LOAD PROMOTE CASDATA="hha_header" CASOUT="hha_header"

Only select a small subset of fields for our analysis; */
 VARLIST = {"clm_fac_type_cd","clm_from_dt","clm_dgns_cd_1","clm_pmt_amt","nch_prvdr_state_cd"}
 /* Limit the data using Hive date syntax to subset; */
 OPTIONS = {USERNAME='sasuser',WHERE = "clm_from_dt > DATE('2019-10-01') LIMIT 10000" };

When the data is loaded into CASLIB, users must compress their data to speed up the loading process. See the related article: How to Compress Data.