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How to Verify Access to Data in CCSQ Centralized Data Repository 

Users can use the sample snippets below to verify their organization access to the Centralized Data Repository (CDR) data through SAS Viya. See the CDR Data Catalog for a comprehensive look at each data source.

Users can to run this code to provide a full list of the CDR schemas they currently have access to:


Important Note

  1. If users only see public sources listed when they run the %list_databases(); macro, they should ensure that their contracting officers’ representative (COR) has sent over their organization's data use agreement (DUA) to the ISG Contract Engagement Team as a pdf downloaded from the Enterprise Privacy Policy Engine (EPPE). If the COR is unable to send the DUA, cc the COR on the email submission for their awareness. After the proper DUA is submitted, it will take less than 10 business days for the organization to get data access in alignment with the user's DUA. Other reasons a user may not be able to see the schemas include not having the correct HCQIS Access Roles and Profile (HARP) role selected or not having the correct DUA permissions. If the users have the correct permissions but still no access, they should submit a Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR) request for assistance.
  2. CDR schema/data access is provisioned by group. When users selected their HARP role for SAS Viya, the organization/contract they selected is the group that they will be placed in. If users are a member of multiple different contracts, they will have to sign up for multiple SAS Viya roles by selecting the appropriate organization/contract each time.

List of Public Sources:

List of available databases

Users should run this code to provide a full list of the tables available within a specified schema:


Users can run this code to create a library through which they can access the tables within a specified schema and verify that they are populated:

libname [library name of choice - limit eight characters] hadoop &hive_libname schema = [your project database or a cdr schema];

Libraries can be found in SAS Studio here:

Library list in SAS Studio

To open a library - select the defined library, and double click the table to open it.

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